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Tyrnet, joint-stock company - 100%


+ Medvedev Stanislav Yuryevich
+ Melnikov Dmitry Aleksandrovich
+ Shchegolev Oleg Georgiyevich

ROBBO (the project of Tyrnet Ltd) – the Russian developer company of the robotic complex of the same name for education. Earlier the project carried the name ScratchDuino. The project is created based on the Scratch programming language and the free Arduino microcontroller. Through ROBBO it is possible to train children, school students and students in programming essentials, robotics and designing of robots.

The innovative developments of ROBBO were supported by Fund of Assistance to Innovations, Skolkovo, ASI, Google and the government of Finland.

The company holds the regular training seminars and competitions for teachers and school students. The ROBBO command includes the specialists from Russia and Finland working in the field of free program and the hardware. In 2013 and 2014 the ROBBO command became the winner of competition of Google RISE Awards. The products ROBBO™ are developed at a financial support of Fund of Assistance to Development of Small Forms of the Enterprises in the Scientific and technical Sphere.

Project objective of ScratchDuino - development of the creative and technical aptitudes of the child, training of specialists of a new warehouse capable to commission of the innovation break in modern science and technology. The complex of ScratchDuino is designed to interest children in programming — due to programming in simple evident language and programming of the real device.

Project products

Laboratory Laboratory — the expansion card with sensors of input-output both built in, and connected. It is intended for programming of interaction of the computer with external devices.

Roboplatform The roboplatform — a component of the project of ScratchDuino which allows to create the robotic mechanism managed from the environments supported by ScratchDuino.


2018: Start of the affiliate program

The domestic developer of children's robotic designers of ROBBO in March, 2018 announced start of the affiliate program. Now robotic sets for schools and educational institutions will be on sale only through partners who will receive appropriate level of marketing and information support from the producer and also additional discounts for equipment procurement.

As of the beginning of 2018, sets of ROBBO (the former name – ScratchDuino) are used in hundreds of educational institutions worldwide and also are base for carrying out vacation "ROBBO of Camps" and the creative Olympic Games on robotics among the Russian school students and students. Start of the affiliate program is intended to expand geography of distribution of the project. On statutory rules partners of ROBBO sign the agreement for one year and will be able to take advantage of special offers on marketing support from the company, will get access to all required information materials and also an opportunity to undergo training and certification on products and the solutions "ROBBO". To partners the special prices on sets for creation of demonstration stands and also individual discounts by deliveries of products ROBBO will be offered customers.

In total three levels – the Authorized partner, the Silver partner and the Golden partner are provided in the affiliate program. The basic partner discount can be increased depending on the status, accomplishment of the business plan and other special conditions. For the introduction it is enough to be registered and submit the application to the program. To become the silver partner of ROBBO, it is necessary to promote purposefully products of the company and to conduct joint marketing activities with ROBBO. Golden partners also should contain in staff of the certified employees, provide training of teachers at places and work according to the annual business plan. Thus, the company of any size even from the most remote corner of Russia can become not only the center of sales, but also Competence Center for training in robotics in the region.

However only the developed partner system can meet the existing demand and help distribution of training programs robotics with Russia and abroad. We aim to stimulate partners to accumulation of examination and training of the specialists who could train teachers in the new affiliate program. I am sure that our main task – to make available such innovation training programs as robotics, for children of the most different regions and with any level of prosperity. Development of a partner ecosystem should create a basis for distribution of new knowledge and skills and to make possible implementation of new training programs in any region — Pavel Frolov, the producer of the ROBBO project noted.

After signing of the contract official partners of ROBBO can direct the specialists to training courses and advanced trainings in products ROBBO.


In Beijing

The domestic developer of children's robotic designers "ROBBO" in October announced opening of the first circle of free robotics and programming for children "ROBBO Club" in Beijing. It is the first own circle of the company opened abroad – before the company left abroad only through the franchisee. In China the project is implemented based on the Russian cultural center with assistance of the federal agency "Rossotrudnichestvo".

Occupations go on days off for Russian-speaking children of staff of the center and Russian Embassy of 7 years so far and are more senior. During the biennial program children study to work in five coding environments, assembly and to programming of robots, to model three-dimensional objects on the computer and to 3D-print them. In addition to training of children in programming, robotics, 3D - to printing and introduction to Internet of Things, "ROBBO the Club" in Beijing will be the demonstration platform for potential clients and partners. In plans of the company – opening of "ROBBO of Clubs" on a franchize and circles at schools in the English and Chinese languages.

The Russian robotics appeared at schools of Finland

The St. Petersburg robotic company "ROBBO" together with We Foundation charitable organization, supplied the equipment for training in programming and robotics to 25 schools in Finland. The project started in December of last year, the application for participation was submitted by 450 educational institutions.

The idea of creation of a school class of innovations where children could study robotics, programming and designing of robots at free hardware and the software in an interactive mode is the cornerstone of the project. In addition to a set of the equipment, within the project for a year necessary technical support and also free trainings and professional development course will be provided to teachers.

"The idea of the program consists in providing with the high level of education of all children without exception, - Pavel Frolov, the producer of "ROBBO" comments. – For this reason our equipment was received by schools across all territory of Finland, and not just in the large cities: the ROBBO sets appeared in Helsinki, Turku, Porvoo, Pulkonkoski, Vaas and others. The innovative technologies – pledge of successful future any child, and we hope that after successful implementation in Finland, designers of "ROBBO" will appear at schools of other countries".

Set consists of programmable building block system of ROBBO Robot kit with magnetic platforms for sensors and also a board with sensors and programmable ROBBO Lab sensors. In order that the child was actively involved in educational process, all products are optimized for the Finnish and English languages and built in transparent cartridges – thus children see a microelectronic part. All components of an educational complex can be sorted that the child could understand the principle of the device and independently create own.


The ROBBO project got support of the Agency of Strategic Initiatives (ASI)

The working group of expert advice "Development of young professional staff" of the Agency of Strategic Initiatives (ASI) approved 10 projects at a meeting on October 20, 2016 in a co-working center Boiling point in Moscow. Winners will receive administrative, methodological and information support from ASI. In TOP-10 the project of free educational robotics "ROBBO" got.

In 2016 the meeting for the first time was expanded: the Circle movement of the National Technology Initiative (NTI), Prosveshcheniye publishing house, the Union of Vorldskills Rossiya became participants of discussion. The presentation of projects was held not only by leaders, but also curators from task forces. So both the professional community and potential partners could join a discussion.

Practically all leader projects which got support of ASI are concentrated around education. Pavel Frolov, the producer of the free robotic ROBBO project, connects this trend with carrying out import substitution policy: "In the conditions of the shortage of own personnel and the low level of their preparation, in the state scale it is necessary to place emphasis on development of an educational segment. Our task – to create a class of specialists creators who would be competitive in the world scientific and technical market and adequately would represent Russia in a world race of technologies".

The initiative of "ROBBO" of promoting of robotic knowledge and the movement of makers – domestic masters - "samodelkiny", bears fruit: since October 31 the project opens two new circles of robotics for children "ROBBO Club" in St. Petersburg at the Sports and Obvodny Canal metro stations. From October 31st to November 4 on all circles of network there will study intensiva in robotics, circuit engineering and designing, and in two St. Petersburg "ROBBO Clubs" will work "Autumn ROBBO the Camp".

ScratchDuino started the first franchize on training in robotics

In April, 2016 ScratchDuino objyavlit about start of the program of a franchize of circles for training of children in robotics and programming. Partnership includes the rights to robotics circle ScratchDuino Roboclub, organization of events on behalf of the ScratchDuino brand, methodical materials, consulting and technical support.

The minimum starting investments on opening of "Robokluba" on a franchize – 400,000 rub. ScratchDuino plans that the franchize will be able to pay off after 4 months of work and will make monthly profit on 250,000 rubles.

Within a franchize the company offers package programs: programming in the Scratch language, programming and training of interaction with Roboplatforma and the general program "Programming, Microelectronics, Roboplatforma, Laboratory, 3-D Printing". Cooperation includes business support, necessary hardware, author's educational programs for children from 5 to 15 years, video lessons of programming in the Scratch language for teachers, CRM- a system for maintaining pupils, a subdomain on the corporate website, the scenario of marketing efforts, training and certification of teaching staff, the help in obtaining the license for educational activity and in other questions of legal character.

Within the occupations children of 5 years go all way from creation of an image of the robot on the screen before programming to Roboklube and the embodiment of Roboplatforma in reality the hands. Training in programming is conducted in the visual object-oriented Scratch coding environment adapted for children's perception, and as the training robot the designer of ScratchDuino is used.


  • The project received funds for commercialization from Fund of assistance to development of small enterprises in the scientific and technical sphere.

  • In 2015 ROBBO company became the official resident Skolkovo.


The company won the tender "FinLanding" of the government of Finland that it opens the Finnish market for ScratchDuino. In 2014 ScratchDuino got an award of the Government of Saint Petersburg for the best innovation product.

Version 2.0

Version 2.0 of software ScratchDuino is developed for Android devices which allows to train children since 5 years.

Approbation schools of St. Petersburg

By ScratchDuino it is approved for schools of St. Petersburg.

Sale of licenses

The Lappeenranta technology university (Finland) bought ScratchDuino.


By ScratchDuino it is approved for schools of Kazan.

Tender of free robotics

At the international Olympic Games 'IT planet' ScratchDuino opens tender of free robotics ScratchDuino Robofactory in which more than 900 pupils participate.


The project received two grants of Google company within the Google Rise Awards project.


The idea of ScratchDuino in the form of two devices (Laboratory and the Platform) which are designed to help children with studying of robotics and programming is offered.

Approbation of the project

The project undergoes approbation in schools of Moscow, besides, means are received from Fund of assistance to development of small enterprises in the scientific and technical sphere.


The command of ScratchDuino works on projects on implementation of the free software in schools of Russia. The company signs the contract with BINOM publishing house which promotes penetration of the free software into the school program.


Joint promo-company of the Scratch language with Intel, comments of teachers are received. Besides, the command of ScratchDuino took part in the translation of the guide and interface of a programming language into Russian.


The Scratch and Arduino languages were for the first time used in the educational project (seminars for pupils and teachers).


Team members of ScratchDuino work in the field of open program and the hardware for education since 2000.