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RT are the RT-PT project technologies




+ RT-proyektnye technology (RT-PT)

At the beginning of 2015 the corporation made the decision on creation of complex competence center on management of non-core and troubled assets based on the separate infrastructure child organization – "RT — Project Technologies" (RT-PT). Tasks of management of pre-sale preparation, development of programs of financial improvement, attracting investors, preparation of offers on conversion of non-core assets and distribution between the holding companies of state corporation belong to basic functions of RT-PT and also to management of non-core and troubled assets within trust management These functions are brought out of the corporate center of Rostec behind which there will be a methodological management, setting of target tasks and control of their accomplishment.

Work with non-core assets consists of two key directions – the first is implementation of non-core assets and the subsequent direction of proceeds on more priority activities, investment projects, improvement of strategic assets of Rostec; the second is implementation of investment and construction projects

In Rostec taking into account the objects set by industrial directors decisions on decentralization of work with non-core assets and its transfers on the level of the holding companies (HC) and the integrated structures (IS) are made. It is supposed to save the centralized approach to management of non-core assets at the level of the corporate center by means of specialized competence center – RT-PT.

The reorganization purpose, first of all, is increase in a financial result from work with non-core assets, both for corporation, and for holdings. With respect thereto improvement is required not only by management model non-core assets, but also procedures and approaches to consolidation of means from sale of non-core assets.


2019: The memorandum with Seldon of creation of the certification center, largest in Russia

The RT-Proyektnye Technologies company of State Corporation Rostec and Seldon group announced on April 12, 2019 signing of the memorandum of cooperation in development of digital services. As told TAdviser in Seldon, the document assumes creation of "the certification center, largest in Russia" which will provide to clients support at all stages of business processes — from obtaining the electronic signature before delivery of the online reporting in state bodies.

Founder of Seldon Group of Eli Dimitrov and CEO \"RT-Proyektnykh technologies\" Sergey Yarosh
Founder of Seldon Group of Eli Dimitrov and CEO "RT-Proyektnykh technologies" Sergey Yarosh

In particular, clients of certification center will be able to use services in the field of electronic document management and Electronic Data Interchange, exchange of invoices, work with online cash desks. Along with it, possibilities of the organization of electronic biddings and use of infrastructure of the center will be available to data analysis.

Besides, the parties intend to be engaged in development and deployment in work of the center of a system of the distributed data storage using blockchain technology. According to the companies, it will allow to provide due data protection.

"RT-Proyektnye Tekhnologii" are going to enclose in the project the developments which were used for creation of large federal information systems — the Uniform aggregator of trade Birch and the Unified information system of purchases. In turn, based on solutions of Seldon Group the infrastructure service of public keys will be implemented. In joint products of partners linguistic and analytical technologies of processing of Big Data from Seldon will also be applied.

Transition to digital economy is impossible without the organization of a safe input in a digital medium. Service of authentication is a key to digital space. Consolidation and creation of the largest player with the international ambitions — a logical stage in development of the industry — the founder of Seldon Group of Eli Dimitrov considers.

Rostec — one of key players on implementation in Russia of digital services within the Digital Economy national project. A necessary condition for their mass application is existence of the corresponding infrastructure capable to ensure to business safety and confidentiality. Creation together with Seldon Group of certification center will become one more step to formation of the innovation digital infrastructure in scales of the whole country. And the solutions used in the project will be able to be scaled and be applied in other spheres — the CEO "RT-Proyektnykh technologies" Sergey Yarosh said.

2017: "RT-Proyektnye technologies" received preferences of the government

On February 20, 2017 the press service of Rostec corporation announced adoption by the Government of the Russian Federation of the decision on the choice of State Corporation Rostec as the only contractor of public contracts with Federal Treasury on development and operation of the unified information system in the field of purchases (EIS) in 2017-2018. Complex service of EIS it is necessary to execute JSC RT-Proyektnye tekhnologii.

The decision of the Government of the Russian Federation is made according to order of the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin (No. Pr-103 of 1/19/2017) and directed to improvement of EIS for the purpose of real reduction of prices and ensuring the fair competition in the field of purchases.

In a basis of the project for development of EIS such crucial elements as creation of reference books (qualifiers), product catalogs, databases of the weighted (reference) average prices, an analytical system are put.

Project implementation of development of EIS will allow to provide end-to-end process from system purchase planning before signing of the contracts already in the nearest future. At the same time, at a stage of planning automatic formation of reference books of qualifiers and directories on all commodity groups and also formation of transparent competitive pricing and assessment of results of work and rendering services will be carried out. At all stages of work of EIS function of automatic warning of possible deviations, both in price, and in qualitative indexes will be provided.

Advantage of this approach in relation to existing is the possibility of the automatic analysis of big arrays of information in real time with formation of preliminary price recommendations to all participants of purchases, including control supervisory authorities.

It will allow state customers to provide not only comparison of the starting prices, reduction of number of routine operations on manual entry and the analysis of large volumes of data, adoption of the timely and weighed solutions, but also to provide reduction of a corruption component and real reduction of prices. Regulatory authorities, in turn, will receive the additional preventive tool for prevention of violations in the field of purchasing activity.

For February 20, 2017 Rostec within the joint working groups with Federal Treasury started development of the system project on development of functionality of EIS. Work with EIS will be carried out by forces of domestic developers on the basis of the Russian open source software. Earlier, according to order of the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin (No. Pr-1567 of 8/10/2016), Rostec was also determined by the contractor by creation of an information and analytical system of monitoring and control in the field of purchases of medicines for ensuring the state and municipal needs (IAS).

All works on IAS are performed by JSC RT-Proyektnye tekhnologii. The project is implemented together with the Russian Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, Federal Treasury, Ministry of Economics of Russia, Rossi's Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications. For February 20, 2017 by IAS it is developed. Events for system deployment in a data processing center of the customer – the Russian Ministry of Health are held. There is a preparation for the beginning of trial operation of a system, since March 1, 2017.


In plans for 2016 there is a holding auctions for sale of two large objects in the center of Moscow (Elektrichesky Lane, vl. 1) and areas Lyubertsy) with a starting cost of 3.5 billion rubles and 1.635 billion rubles respectively. Also, in 2016 it is going to complete implementation of a property complex on Vasilyevsky Island in St. Petersburg on the land plot of 7.5 hectares (the starting price of 1.399 billion rubles). These property complexes can be interesting to market participants, first of all, under redevelopment.


In 2015 the state corporation sped up work on sale of non-core assets that allowed to gain already 5.8 billion rubles, is twice more, than in 2014. In 2016 this activity will be continued, at the same time solutions on sale of non-core assets will be transferred to the level of the holding companies.

Based on the company of one of the oldest enterprises of mechanical engineering in the Russian Federation of Proyektmashdetal which in a crisis situation was forced to lease the areas new import-substituting competences were created. As a result at the end of 2015 the enterprise could sign the first contract for production and delivery of the modern vacuum technology napylitelny equipment which was widely demanded by the different organizations of aviation instrument making of corporation. It is expected that the order portfolio for 2016 can reach 500 million rubles.

Also the financial status of the oldest of "the 90th experimental plant" which specializes in service and repair of the armored equipment was stabilized. The enterprise already participates in tenders for signing of the contracts for the benefit of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, interacts with "UVZ" in work on design of a prototype of the repair and recovery equipment for the Armata platform.

In 2015 the development plan for property and land complexes of the organizations of Rostec taking into account business necessity, economic feasibility and perspectives of development of territories of the city of Moscow was updated.

Thanks to joint work of state corporation with the Government of Moscow platforms based on which development of technoparks and research and production clusters is possible are defined and also the investment and construction capacity of other platforms is determined. Involvement in investment turnover of property complexes of the organizations will allow to upgrade the operating productions and scientific centers.

The profile organization of Rostec RT-Stroytekh completely is engaged in implementation of the tasks having focused on the embodiment in life of investment and construction projects with potential capacity more than 2.7 mln sq.m. The additional income from their implementation will be directed to replenishment of funds of investment and innovative development.