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+ Дневник.ру (, Edyyukation Revolyushen Rissertch of Enda Development)

RTK-Dnevnik LLC is joint venture of Rostelecom and Дневник.ру companies. The joint venture has the main command distributed between Moscow and St. Petersburg expanded by the staff of MRF of Rostelecom in all regions.


According to information for August, 2019 core activities of JV RTK-Dnevnik are: creation, implementation, support and development of software products for schools and the key participants of the educational sector promoting increase in availability and quality of education. These are electronic diaries and magazines, services of online signing up in the educational organizations, complex monitoring of progress and quality evaluation of education and also other products for digitalization of the educational sector.


2019: Creation of the joint venture for education digitalization

Provider of digital services and solutions Rostelecom and Дневник.ру company created joint venture LLC RTK-Dnevnik (JV) for the purpose of implementation of modern digital technologies at the Russian schools. Authorized capital of the joint venture is distributed in equal shares. Gabriel Levi, the founder and the CEO of "Дневник.ру" will be appointed the CEO of RTK-Dnevnik LLC, reported TAdviser on August 9, 2019 in Rostelecom.

Rostelecom and "Дневник.ру" jointly will be engaged in education digitalization development. Photo:

"Дневник.ру" enters the existing technological solutions, competences and examination to the joint venture. In turn, Rostelecom will promote implementation of the platform in regions of the Russian Federation and also further digitalization of the educational sector by means of implementation of information technological solutions of the joint venture, representatives of provider explained TAdviser.

"RTK-Dnevnik" Gabriel Levi — the founder and the CEO of "Дневник.ру" will head

Based on the digital platform of maintaining electronic diaries and magazines which is available for "Дневника.ру", online signing up in school, complex monitoring of progress and quality evaluation of formation of the joint venture providing complex digital services in the field of school education is going to provide.

As specified TAdviser in Rostelecom, product-based "Дневник.ру" is going to develop a single digital educational platform for the Russian schools and key participants of educational process (students, parents, teachers and also governing bodies of education) in which there can be integrated solutions of third-party developers. More detailed strategy of product development will be defined by the parties later.