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RT (before Russia Today) is the Russian full-time information TV channel created in 2005 for broadcasting abroad and in the Russian Federation and representing the Russian official point of view on the events which are taking place in the world.

TV-novosti, ANO



+ RT TV (Russia Today)

The TV channel is created by Autonomous nonprofit organization "TV-Novosti", the largest Russian news agency "RIA Novosti" acted as the founder. Russia Today broadcasts the full-time novostiyny TV channels on English (RT), Spanish (RT Español) and Arab (RT Arabic) languages from a large number of satellites worldwide and also in the cable networks.


2017: The plan of selection from the budget in addition 1.2 billion rub

The State Duma Committee on information policy approved in November, 2016 selection from the budget of additional resources for financing of Russia Today TV channel, VGTRK and support of regional broadcasting, write RIA Novosti.

So, 1.22 mrd rubles RT will receive in 2017 on accomplishment of "a number of language tasks which face the channel", the Deputy Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation Alexey Volin on committee meeting reported.

In 2017 is planned to select 750 million rubles "for transition to regional insert in the course of digital broadcasting of VGTRK". According to Volin, it is necessary in order that inhabitants of regions could get access to programs of VGTRK in digital quality.

In addition, 780 million rubles are going to be selected for support of regional broadcasting in localities numbering less than 100 thousand inhabitants. These means had to be budgeted for 2016, and are selected as compensation.

2016: Reduction of financing to 16.06 billion rub (-8%)

Financing of Russia Today will be reduced by 8% - from 17.5 billion rubles in 2016 to 16.06 billion in the 2019th. In 2017 the channel will receive 17.5 billion rubles of subsidies, in 2018 - 16.3 billion[1].



The website of RT is called by Google one of sources of "the Russian propaganda"

In November, 2017 it became known that the Google company works over creation of an algorithm of filtering of the news containing the Russian propaganda. As the main sources of promotion the head of Alphabet holding Eric Schmidt called the websites of Russia Today TV channel and the Sputnik agency. Read more here.

RT will begin broadcasting in French

The RT TV channel is going to begin in December, 2017 broadcasting in French. In June, 2017 the annual budget of the French edition - €20 million, the state - about 100 employees, including 50 French-speaking journalists who will ensure functioning of the Russian channel in France, Belgium, Switzerland and, perhaps, Canada was read. The French Satellifax portal[2] reports about it[3].

The decision on start of broadcasting in French is not connected in any way with the current commercial indicators and efficiency of TV channel which contains on the state grants but only with "a geopolitical situation" as experts consider. The main objective of RT France - to light in French the Russian point of view on events in the world.

About intention became known to create the French version of RT in 2014. Then in the project it was going to make 1.4 billion rubles of budgetary funds, but within a year only the website of TV channel in French appeared.

The edition informs that the TV channel for subscribers will be in free access through set-top boxes of operators as foreign audience is not ready to pay for content of this channel, the existing business model of RT is not configured on direct advertizing monetization.

2016: Cyber attacks to the websites of RT continue more than seven days

"Attacks to RT last several days in a row that is an atypical situation for a protected resource when attacking cannot break through through protection. This fact and also lack of requirements from malefactors, speaks about serious intention attacking to achieve the goal – to make resources of the victim publicly unavailable — Alexey Kiselyov, the Kaspersky DDoS Prevention project manager in Russia noted. — Most likely, these attacks are not accidental, carefully prepared, and behind them there is a serious financing".
"It is interesting that not each hacker can be engaged in such massive attacks. By our most conservative estimates daily games with traffic already cost the unknown customer in the amount about 200 thousand dollars, – Elvira Chudnovskaya, the head of service of interactive projects of RT TV channel said. — I think, there will be not so many hacker groupings ready to try so for the sake of almost zero result".

The largest of a series of attacks occurred on the night of August 9, 2016 – DDoS attack of the mixed type (UDP-amplification and SYN-flood) on the website consisted of two stages. The first stage of the attack – on the American and European data centers – began at 0:00 a.m. on MSK. At the second stage there was a cyberattack on the equipment placed in data center of RT in Moscow. Complete cessation of DDoS attack was recorded at 2:20 a.m. on MSK.

Earlier the website repeatedly was exposed to cyberattacks. In July, 2016 the website underwent the large-scale attack which coincided with attempt of a coup in Turkey. In September, 2014 there was the most powerful DDoS attack on the website of RT for all the time of its existence which managed to be reflected due to efforts of technical specialists.

2015: Plan of increase in financing up to 15.38 billion rub (+41%)

The Russia Today TV channel in 2015 had to receive 15.38 billion rubles from the federal budget that is 41% more, than was planned a year ago, reported in September, 2014 the RBC daily newspaper with reference to the draft of the federal budget approved by the government for 2015 and planning period of 2016-2017[4].

Before autonomous nonprofit organization "TV-Novosti" 10.95 billion rubles were going to select (Russia Today TV channel) in 2015. This year 11.87 billion rubles were budgeted for Russia Today.

Support of the international news agency Rossiya Segodnya will even stronger increase (it, as well as Russia Today, Margarita Simonyan heads). 6.48 billion rubles whereas in 2014 wanted to select 2.67 billion rubles for RIA Novosti based on which the new agency was created, and in 2015 - 2.35 billion rubles appear in the draft budget for 2015. Thus, the gain makes 142% and 176% according to[5].

In January, 2015 the Vedomosti newspaper reported that subsidies to the state media, including to TV companies, in 2015 in connection with the sequester of the federal budget are reduced by 10%. In total for support of media from the budget in 2015 it was going to select 94.6 billion rubles that is 7.8% less, than the previous year. However after the last reductions the state media will be able to receive from the budget 17.3% less, than in 2014.

The biggest problem with the budget arose at the state media, the promoting interests of Russia abroad. Their many expenses considered in budgets are calculated in currency, and because of devaluation of ruble their actual budget sharply decreased. In particular, about 80% of expenses of RT are currency, reported the Chief Editor of the channel Margarita Simonyan. "Depreciation of the ruble means that our budget upon is cut almost by half as it is" — she noted.

Because of current situation of RT does not exclude that will refuse plans for creation of the French and German versions of the channel. Also Simonyan is afraid that the company should leave television networks in a number of the countries that will lead to falling of audience of RT.

In January, 2015 the director of the department of state policy in the field of media of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications Ekaterina Larina told that because of crisis financing of RT and Rossiya Segodnya in currency expression decreased more than twice.

According to her, in 2014 the budget of RT made about $445 million at a rate of 30.5 rub for dollar, and in the 2015th — only $236 million at a rate of 65 rub for unit of the American currency. The budget of IIA Russia Today in 2014 made $250 million, and in the 2015th will decrease to $99.7 million.

Simonyan told about the planned large-scale reductions. "In RT and Rossiya Segodnya large-scale reductions are planned. In addition, cardinally revised plans of development this year are also cancelled all new projects" — she complained.

In December, 2015 the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation for the first time published expense information of autonomous nonprofit organization "TV-novosti" which manages RT TV channel (the former Russia Today). According to the report, in 2015 18.2 billion rubles were allocated for the maintenance of RT from the budget