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The Non-bank credit organization limited liability company "Payment system of Slow motion - one of the oldest payment systems of the country: the company successfully works at the market of instant payments since 2001.


The main activity of NKO Rapida LLC is providing to credit institutions and other legal entities and their clients of services in the field of retail calculations.

For July, 2014 Slow motion offers the clients the large network of collection points for payments including cash desks of shops of home appliances, cellular transmission networks, self-service terminals and ATMs. It is instant to pay goods and services, it is possible to transfer banking activities and money in more than 100,000 points across all Russia. Money to accounts of the receiver of payment can also be transferred using the mobile phone and a payment service of Rapida Online.

The payment system of Slow motion has the license of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation No. 3371-K of 5/28/2001 (No. 3371-K of 8/30/2004) for banking operations.


2017: Exception of the list of the operator of payment systems Bank of Russia

On March 17, 2017 the Bank of Russia registered QIWI BANK (autonomous area) as the operator of Contact payment system in the unified register of payment operators. From the same date NKO Rapida LLC is excluded by the Bank of Russia from the list of operators of payment systems. Both credit institutions are a part of the Qiwi Group. Read more here.

2015: The Qiwi group purchased a money transfer system of Contact and NPO of Slow motion

In May, 2015 QIWI plc announced conclusion of an agreement with Otkrytiye financial group about acquisition of 100% of a share in a money transfer system of Contact and NPO of Slow motion. Under the terms of the specified agreement the QIWI undertakes to release to Otkrytiye Financial group of 5,593,041 actions of class "B" in exchange for 100% a share in the companies Contact and Rapida. In addition, in connection with the specified acquisition, the QIWI and Otkrytiye Financial group intend to sign the cooperation agreement for the purpose of removal of new products and services on the market of financial services.

According to forecasts of the company, owing to a company takeover of Contact and Slow motion the Corrected net proceeds and the Corrected net profit of QIWI will increase after closing of the specified transaction approximately by 15-20% in 2015. The transaction will be performed until the end of the second quarter 2015 and will be carried out in two steps taking into account standard conditions of carrying out similar transactions, including obtaining agreements from the relevant state regulating authorities.


The value of assets was 1 billion rubles

As of 10/1/14, the value of company assets under RAS was 1.0 billion rubles, the size of own means – 31.1 million rubles, profit before taxation in 9 months 2014 – 31.1 million rubles.

RAEX assigned credit rating "A processing center of Slow motion at the level A

The RAEX rating agency (RAEX) assigned in the fall of 2014 credit rating to the company "A processing center of Slow motion at the level A "The high level of solvency", the first subtotal, the forecast for rating – stable that means a high probability of preserving of rating at the current level in the medium term. It is reported in the official press release of rating agency.

RAEX notes that positively influence rating assessment of the company the acceptable level of profitability (in 9 months 2014 of ROE made about 20%) and strong competitive positions of NKO Rapida LLC, entering into one group with the company "A processing center of Slow motion, in a profile segment of the market (NKO Rapida LLC takes the 5th place by the amount of assets among NPO of Russia on 10/1/14). Support to rating is given by high rates of business activity and a high probability of support from the owner – JSC Bank FC Otkritie.

Creation of holding with the Contact system

In July, 2014 payment systems of Slow motion and Contact announced a new stage of strategic partnership

Shareholders of payment systems of Slow motion and Contact signed the agreement on creation of holding which should become one of the largest players in the Russian market of electronic payments and money transfers. In the created holding of 70% shareholders will possess Slow motions, 30% - to shareholders of Contact.

The holding will integrate payment systems of Slow motion and Contact. Within this project of the company will save the existing brands and focus on the current directions of business in which they take the leading positions. "Slow motion" will continue to specialize in a segment of payments in a supplier address of services and banks, and Contact will continue to develop the direction of money transfers.

The predicted turnovers of holding at the end of 2014 will make 800 billion rubles, the quantity of points of payment acceptance will exceed 500 thousand – these indicators correspond to the place in top-3 the largest participants of the market of electronic payments.

"For the period strategic cooperation we could carry out more careful analysis based on which we were convinced that the companies have similar approaches to business and vision of the strategic development, and the available competences and segments of the market in which they work are complementary each other. With respect thereto the most effective option further work within uniform holding is represented", - the board member of NPO of Slow motion Georgy Shabad noted.
"Creation of holding based on the Contact and "Rapida" systems will become an important stage of development of all market of payment services and will significantly increase competitive advantages of both companies, having allowed them to localize the innovation projects in the development area of the latest payment products and services and also to intensify work on their implementation and an output to the markets, including international", - the head of Contact payment system Alexey Abrameitsev noted.

2011: Entry into the Opening Finance Corporation group

In 2011 NKO Rapida LLC entered into the Opening Finance Corporation Bank group (till June, 2014 Group of NOMOS-bank). The NPO of Slow motion is an operator of CONTACT payment system.

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