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Research Center of Electronic ADP Equipment (RCEAE)


Information technologies
Since 1968
117587, Varshavskoye Highway, 125



JSC Research Center of Electronic ADP Equipment (RCEAE) is the developer enterprise of computer aids and the system software.

The most important direction of scientific and technical activity of NICEVT is development of supercomputer technologies and their implementation in science, the industry and education. In this direction (as of January, 2018) creation of family of the Angara supercomputers EU-1740 with perspective architecture scaled to the transpetaFLOPS level of actual performance is performed. Their basis will be formed by the multinuclear multitredovy microprocessor and a high-speed communication network developed in NICEVT.

JSC NICEVT, June, 2015


2009: Inclusion in the structure of Vega concern

According to the Decree of the Russian President No. 297 of March 20, 2009 JSC NICEVT is included in the structure of concern of radio engineering Vega.


In 1994 conversion of the state enterprise NICEVT to NICEVT Open joint stock company from shares of federal property of 60.26% was performed.

Since 1986 the NICEVT closely is engaged in projects of creation of high-performance computing systems, vector super computer EU-1191, superscalar super computer EU-1195 and others are developed. In JSC NICEVT 9 computers different models under a brand of the EU are made.

In NICEVT during the period from 1968 to 1995 7 senior models of the EU by a computer, 4 two-machine complexes on their basis, 16 editions of operating systems, 5 executions of operating systems for the special equipment, 2 types of disk and 5 types of tape drives, 2 types of data transmission multiplexers, 6 types of subscriber stations, 15 types of data communication equipment were developed. Since 70th years and to the middle of the 90th years of the last century of a computer of the Single system formed a basis of the park of computers in the USSR. In total over 20 thousand computers were produced. Onboard digital computers for the aircraft equipment and spacecrafts of the Argon series were created.

In 1968 according to the Resolution of Council of Ministers of the USSR "About further development of development and production of computer aids" the Research Center of Electronic ADP Equipment (RCEAE) – head enterprise of the USSR and the countries of the socialist commonwealth on creation of a complex of electronic Row computers – the Single system of electronic computers was created (the EU a computer). The NICEVT was formed based on a number of the Moscow enterprises of the Ministry of the radio industry of the USSR, at the same time NIEM became an organizational and technical basis of NICEVT. Before NICEVT the national task of creation of the computer of the Single system of double application (for civil and military needs) which are not conceding on the key technical and economic indicators to the best foreign analogs was set and solved.

In 1958 the enterprise was transformed to Research institute of electronic mathematical machines (NIEM). In NIEM the computer of general purpose of M-205, M-220, the specialized computers 5E61, Radon, Maple, the first onboard digital computers of the Argon complex were developed.

In 1948 Special design bureau No. 245 (SKB-245) was created. SKB-245 is known developments of a computer of general purpose Arrow, Urals-1, M-20, the specialized M-111 computer system.