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Research institute of railway transport" (VNIIZhT)




JSC Research Institute of Railway Transport (JSC VNIIZhT) is the largest scientific center of the railway industry in the field of research and design developments which is capable to carry out all range of certification tests.

The institute works since 1918, in 2008 is transformed to JSC VNIIZhT — JSC Russian Railways affiliated enterprise.

Main activities:

Exploratory and basic researches Development of new technical means and technologies for railway and other means of transport Development of new materials Development of an ACS and software Development of technical regulations, regulating and methodical documents Setup and certification tests of railway equipment and transport technologies Examination of projects Development model and prototypes Standardization and metrology Small-lot production Production of prototypes of samples of the new equipment International projects Consulting services Preparation of the scientific personnel JSC VNIIZhT has unique conditions for tests of the new and existing railway equipment:

Static and laboratory tests Experimental ring (speed is up to 120 km/h) High-speed polygon (speed is up to 250 km/h) Tests on the operating lines 17 scientific departments, 6 branches, a postgraduate study and dissertation council are a part of Institute.

Total number of employees (including branches) - more than 1700 people, including 34 doctors of science, 154 candidates of science.

In 2010 on the platform of Institute there began work the Joint academic council of JSC "Russian Railways" which part academicians and corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, rectors of transport higher education institutions and heads of industry scientific research institutes were.