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Research institute of technical physics and automation (NIITFA)



JSC NIITFA was founded in 1960 as parent organization in the field of the radiation equipment and medical X-ray engineering. In 2017 "NIITFA" was a part of JSC Rusatom Healthcare.


The institute conducts research and development of products and the equipment in the main directions of the radiation equipment, including in the field of conversion of energy of radioactive decay to thermal and electric; radio nuclide power devices; means of radiodiagnosis and therapy of different diseases of the person; yaderno – physical methods and the equipment for obtaining information on qualitative and quantitative parameters of structure and properties of materials and products, control and management of technology processes; gas-discharge detectors of ionizing radiation.

For 2014 JSC NIITFA develops and makes:

  • the equipment for control of parameters of technology processes,
  • methods and the equipment for the analysis of element composition of substance,
  • means of non-destructive testing of materials and products,
  • methods and equipment for implementation of radiation and technology processes,
  • radio nuclide power stations (generators),
  • gas-discharge detectors of ionizing radiation and the equipment with their use;
  • means of radiodiagnosis and therapy of diseases of the person.

Also the institute renders a broad spectrum of engineering services in all scientific and technical directions of the activity.

Main consumers: NPP, YaTTs enterprises, energy industry enterprises, mining enterprises, oil and gas and petrochemical industry, airlines and air-transport enterprises, aircraft-building and aircraft repair plants, enterprises of ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, chemical and pulp and paper mills, agricultural enterprises and producers of food, clinics and medical centers.