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Retail Innovation Tech Alliance RITA





2020: Creation of alliance

On February 25, 2020 "the M of Video Eldorado Group reported to TAdviser that together with X5 Retail Group, Beeline and Hoff created alliance on search and implementation of innovations. Retail Innovation Tech Alliance (RITA) will look for technological solutions both in the Russian market, and on international a startup platforms.

Photo: press service of X5 Retail Group

Partners are going to perform financing of the project on parity conditions.

The committee of RITA will select the Russian operator whose tasks will include coordination of actions of all participants, the organization of a skauting and selection of perspective solutions in Russia. Partners are going to share openly with each other the best practices and the cases of work with startups.

For a skauting in Europe the international accelerator of Lafayette Plug&Play, for search of startups in Israel – one of leaders of this direction – Axis company is considered by the partner of the project.

The managing committee of RITA where about one representative from each company will enter, will define the development strategy of alliance, to approve the budget, to select winners of joint skautingovy programs which including will be able to go to a selection round of the European Lafayette Plug&Play program in Paris. Within a year five joint rounds of selection as in Russia, and abroad are planned.

Technologies and the innovative solutions serve as the base of strategy of ONE RETAIL of the M of Video Eldorado Group within which we offer buyers the best in terms of customer service and the range. We cooperate many years with different accelerators and venture funds, we pilot and we implement a solution startup - a blockchain, analytics of data, biometrics. In addition to industrial solutions the Group considers the market of startups as a potential source of ideas and technologies at an early stage of origin. Arising out of the retail industry, they create perspective of development of customer relations, increases in efficiency and search of opportunities of business development. Reaching the international level and consolidation of examination of the largest companies innovators will allow us to look more widely at a funnel and applicability of technologies and also to be more flexible and adaptive to needs and expectationses of our clients,
notes the operating officer M.VideoEldorado of the - Group Irina Ivanova

In the modern world the idea is not competitive advantage any more – information in short terms becomes available. Advantage creates capability of the company quickly to pass a way from the idea before implementation. Therefore we are convinced that the openness and partnership with other market participants for joint search of the innovation business ideas creates additional opportunities. We are ready to such interaction and are grateful to our partners for the fact that they share our views. The created technology alliance will become the platform of opportunities for the Russian and international startups and the center of innovations in retail. Before X5 Retail Group of the first among the Russian companies became the anchor partner of an accelerator of Lafayette Plug&Play in Europe: the parties signed the agreement for three years, it provides joint search of innovations worldwide,
comments on start of RITA Vladimir Salakhutdinov, the director of strategy X5 of Retail Group

Beeline Innovation Lab works not the first year with startups not only as connectivity-provider, but also acts as the full-fledged partner in the course of creation of a digital product demanded and interesting to the client. Beeline looks for perspective sources of revenue, is focused on digital products in the area 5G, AdTech/MarTech, FinTech, Media ARVR,/, house and mobile entertainments, products for business IoT , etc. Partnership with key players retail market opens for us opportunities to create both digital services for business, and mass products which will help users to satisfy more and more daily requirements,
notes George Held, the executive vice president for development of digital and new business Beeline

As shows world experience, the speed of implementation of innovations and capability to fast changings are the major competitive advantage and create opportunities for business. HOFF in the last year carries actively out digital transformation of business that includes not only optimization of all components of business, but also search and testing of technological solutions. Creation of RITA is the natural answer to changes in the market and the next tool for interaction with the innovation ecosystems of Russia and other countries. Are sure that the created alliance will be profitable and useful to both his partners, and all market in general,
comments on start of RITA Mikhail Kuchment, the co-founder of Hoff company

Partners of RITA will consider technological solutions for different spheres of business – e-commerce, transport and logistics, consumer experience, goods quality, transactions in outlets, process automation of a back office, marketing, digital entertainments, Internet of Things and others. Waiting from solutions – growth of efficiency of the current business, fall forward and qualities of decision making, improvement of client experience and also formation of perspective business models and directions.