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The company name is formed by letter R combination to the word evolution. Revolution Analytics (before Revolution Computing) is created for rendering assistance in development of an ecosystem of programming language R and satisfaction of the growing needs of business companies.


Microsoft announced Revolution Analytics purchase

At the beginning of 2015 it became known that Microsoft purchased Revolution Analytics company. Microsoft is going to use the packets developed in Revolution Analytics in the cloud Azure system and other applications.

Revolution Analytics is known as software developer and services based on popular programming language R. The user base of this language exceeds 2 million specialists and continues to grow. Actually this programming language of community of the Open source software becomes the standard tool for development of systems of computing statistics and predictive analytics. Revolution Analytics sets the task to gradually turn R from the highly specialized academic application into an industry standard for creation of commercial products.

Language R is focused on solving of tasks of statistics and analytics, and the Revolution R distribution kit differs from standard versions open source in optimization for work with large volumes of data in multiple processor system. Revolution Analytics participates in development of a core of language R and some other projects on its basis, including ParallelR and RHadoop.

Support of language R is already implemented in services of machine learning of the Azure system and the MLStudio development environment. The company promises to participate in development of R further. Microsoft applies R and in own work. In particular, on it the programs selecting to users of game service Xbox Live of the partners suitable on the level of a game and other factors are written.

the Transaction on sale of Revolution Analytics is closed

On April 6, 2015 Microsoft announced closing of the transaction on Revolution Analytics acquisition. The cost of purchase is not sounded. About how the software giant intends to use solutions of the absorbed firm, the corporate vice president of division of Microsoft Information Management and Machine Learning Joseph Sirosh told.[1]

According to him, Microsoft is going to add language of statistical programming of R to SQL Server, thanks to it the company will offer fast and scalable analytics in relational database management systems which are developed in data centers, a cloud of Azure and the hybrid cloud systems.

Microsoft absorbed the large player of Open Source

Besides, Microsoft will build in scalable assembly of Revolution R services Azure HDInsight and Azure Machine Learning that will accelerate and will facilitate the analysis Big Data and also will help to implement the language digit in corporate applications, Sirosh noted, having added that merger of Revolution Analytics will not affect the acting users of language in any way.

"We will retain support of Revolution R Enterprise on heterogeneous platforms, including Linux, Teradata and Hadoop. As we already spoke in January, 2015, no serious changes for our clients and community will happen. All of us will also support and develop Revolution R product family, including on the platforms other than WindowsMac OS and Linux" — Joseph Sirosh told.

Within Revolution Analytics sale the head of this company Dave Rich became the general manager of department of Advanced Analytics in Microsoft. According to him, the concluded bargain reflects relevance of analytics of Big Data. The good judge of technologies of the head and their subordinates need predictive and intelligent analytical solutions, and to Microsoft are capable to provide them thanks to the extensive set of technologies, Rich added.