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Rivet Networks





Rivet NetworksWiFi developer and the Ethernet-controllers under the Killer brand intended, mainly, for game PCs and workstations.


2020: Intel purchased Rivet Networks

On May 20, 2020 Intel announced Rivet Networks acquisition, but the cost of the transaction did not begin to open.

In addition to controllers, Rivet releases PCIe-modules for adding of support of Wi-fi in desktop PCs and offers the software for fall forward of network connections which helps to select the most suitable wireless access point and to increase the speed of connection to the Internet by means of simultaneous use of Wi-fi and Ethernet channels.

As told in Intel, as of May, 2020 in one household 11 devices connected on Wi-Fi are on average used, and 90% of all traffic of Internet service providers are the share of Wi-Fi-networks.

Intel purchased the developer of Wi-Fi-solutions for powerful computers
The Wi-fi technology plays more important role today, than ever. Using it, we work, we study, we teach and we stay in touch with colleagues and close people. Fast, reliable and safe connection on Wi-Fi becomes a necessary condition for further work as the number of devices increases, and requirements to capacity raise — Chris Walker, the vice president of Intel and the CEO of the Mobile Client Platforms Group direction commented.

Thanks to Rivet Networks acquisition the corporation expects to expand own portfolio of Wi-Fi solutions in order that "it is better to provide the users and partners".

As a result of acquisition of technology and products of Rivet Networks will enter a line of solutions of Intel. All staff of the company will join division of Intel on the release of solutions for wireless communication which is a part of business of Client Computing Group. Financial terms of transaction are not disclosed.[1]