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Rosenergoatom, Federal State Unitary Enterprise concern


The Rosenergoatom Concern is one of the largest enterprises of the electrical power industry of Russia and the only company in the country performing functions of operating organization (operator) of nuclear power plants.




+ Rosenergoatom, Federal State Unitary Enterprise concern


Core activity of Rosenergoatom is production of electrical and thermal energy by nuclear power plants and accomplishment of functions of operating organization of nuclear facilities (nuclear power plants), radiation sources, points of storage of nuclear materials and radioactive materials in the order set by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

One of strategic objectives of Rosenergoatom as the organization which is a part of Rosatom is providing the country with the electric power made on the NPP.


The operating nuclear power plants, directorates of nuclear power plants under construction and also scientific and technological center on abnormal and technical works for the NPP, design and technology branches are a part of the enterprise as branches. Rosenergoatom has representation in the People's Republic of China.


About development of information systems of Rosenergoatom read in the separate article.


2019: Cooperation with Association of participants of the industry of DPC on improvement of sales terms in "Digit of economy of Russia"

The Rosenergoatom Concern (enters the Electrical power division of ROSATOM State Corporation) signed the agreement on cooperation with Association of participants of the industry of data processing centers. It was said on September 20, 2019 by the president of Association Igor Dorofeyev.

The subject of the agreement is coordination of activities for improvement of sales terms of the Digital Economy of Russia program and also effective market development of DPC, formation of high-quality and reliable services, assistance to the Russian service providers and equipment manufacturers of DPC.

All DPCs are concentrated as a rule in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other large cities, but if there is any location in regions, then the synergy effect appears, there are additional businesses. The advanced international companies which are the traffic generator attract a large number of business, for example, Google, Facebook and others, are ready to experiment, invest in open IT production. And all disruptive technologies appear just at such companies. Therefore DPC of Rosenergoatom, in my representation as president of Association, is very interesting object which can be a certain driver in development of the industry of DPC in principle. This very effective cooperation,
noted Igor Dorofeyev

the Program of development of Concern for the last three years led to the multiple growth of volume data, and we already for ourselves realized need of use big hyper -data centers in scales of Rosatom as large technology leader. A task maximum protection a huge array of critical data, such as personal data biometrics, data state of systems it can be ideally provided in DPC on the platform near the nuclear power station providing reliable and regular power supply and the unprecedented security level. Our cooperation with Association of participants of the industry of DPC is, first of all, an exchange of views, mutually beneficial cooperation and expert support in this high-tech industry,


2011: Rosatom is among shareholders of Rosenergoatom

In 2011 the shareholding structure of JSC Rosenergoatom Concern, in addition to JSC Atomenergoprom, included ROSATOM State Corporation.

2008: Transfer of 100% of stocks of the company to Atomenergoprom

By the order of Federal Agency for State Property Management of August 11, 2008 No. 1235-r of Federal State Unitary Enterprise Rosenergoatom Concern it was transformed to JSC Energoatom Concern with transfer of 100% of stocks to JSC Atomenergoprom. The only shareholder of JSC Atomenergoprom is the ROSATOM State Corporation. The order of the Government of the Russian Federation of September 14, 2009 No. 1307-r inclusion in a trade name of the word "Russian" is authorized to Concern.

In November, 2009 the solution of the only shareholder of JSC Energoatom Concern makes the corresponding changes in the Charter of Concern connected with a new trade name – Rossiysky concern po proizvodstvu elektricheskoy i teplovoy energii na atomnykh stantsiyakh (JSC Rosenergoatom Concern).

2007: Creation of Atomenergoprom

For the purpose of further development of nuclear power and restructuring of an atomic power industrial complex of the Russian Federation and in pursuance of the Decree of the Russian President of April 27, 2007 No. 556 the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation of May 26, 2007 No. 319 in July, 2007 founded JSC Atomenergoprom.

2002: Accession of all nuclear power plants

According to the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1207-r of September 8, 2001 since April 1, 2002 for further increase in efficiency of the NPP of GP Rosenergoatom Concern it was transformed to the generation company (Federal State Unitary Enterprise Rosenergoatom Concern) by accession to it of all operating and nuclear power plants under construction and also the enterprises providing their operation and scientific and technical support. In addition to functions of operating organization, such company could speak already independently at the electricity market and implement the energy developed by the NPP to solvent consumers.

1992: Decree of the Russian President on creation of concern

The state enterprise "The Russian State Concern on Production of Electrical and Thermal Energy on Nuclear Power Plants" (GP Rosenergoatom Concern) was formed according to the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of September 7, 1992 No. 1055 "About operating organization of nuclear power plants of the Russian Federation". Was established by the decree that GP Rosenergoatom Concern is the state enterprise performing by own forces and with involvement of other enterprises (organizations) activity at all stages of lifecycle of nuclear power plants at the choice of platforms, to design, construction, commissioning, operation, removal from operation and also other functions of operating organization. By the same Decree it is established that the property of the operating, under construction, designed and preserved nuclear power plants belongs to federal property and is assigned to GP Rosenergoatom Concern as complete economic management.

It was necessary that GP Rosenergoatom Concern represents a form of consolidation of all nuclear power plants which the exclusive right of the Decree saves powers of independent economic entities – industrial enterprises.

The 1990th years were characterized by serious economic condition of the country in general: decline in production, non-payments for the released electric power, substitute schemes of payment are bills of exchange, barter and so forth. Therefore one of the most important tasks of GP Rosenergoatom Concern those years was overcoming difficulties of a transient period in national economy, and first of all it was necessary to solve a problem of non-payments for the energy which is released with the NPP.

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