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Rosevrobank, JSB


Moscow JSB Rosevrobank (JSC) is the universal financial credit institution working at the Russian market since 1994. The bank renders a full range of banking services for physical persons and legal entities. Rosevrobank is included into consortium Rosevrogroup.

Sovcombank - 45%
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JSB Rosevrobank (JSC) (Gen. of persons. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation No. 3137 of 3/26/2012) works in the Russian banking system since 1994 and is universal bank which services corporate and private clients, is engaged in financing of small and medium business, develops the international direction of business and broker services.

Rosevrobank is among the largest Banks of Russia on the value of assets and equity and is bank which guarantee is accepted by the Bank of Russia as providing on the credits of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

Rosevrobank is included in the list of banks approved by the Government of the Russian Federation in which operators of electronic platforms open accounts for providing requests for public procurements. Rosevrobank is included into the list of banks in which it is authorized to place a fund of assistance to reforming of housing and public utilities, and in the list of the banks conforming to requirements for opening of bank deposits by the business entities having a strategic importance for defense industry complex and security of the Russian Federation.

Rosevrobank has the status Principal Member in an international payment system of VISA International and to MasterCard Worldwide. Bank payment system is a participant of deposit insurance system. The bank is a member of the Moscow Exchange, National Share Association (NSA), International society of telecommunications SWIFT.


2018: Increase in a share of Sovcombank up to 45% and merge

On January 30, 2018 it became known that the Sovcombank closed the transaction on acquisition at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) of 11% of Rosevrobank, having increased the share to 45%, the Sovcombank reported. The cost of a packet does not reveal.

"Investments into Rosevrobank yield steadily high dividend income and increase in value", - the bank commented on completion of the transaction with reference to the chairman of the board of Sovcombank Dmitry Gusev[1].

The Sovcombank estimates previously the net profit of Rosevrobank in 2017 at the level of about 5 billion rubles, expecting that in total this bank will direct about 2 billion rubles to dividends.

In 2017 representatives of both banks did not exclude consolidation.

In March, 2018 shareholders of Sovcombank and Rosevrobank reached the agreement in principle upon merge of banks. Assets of the joint banking group will be more than 1 trillion rubles, the capital will exceed 100 billion rubles, reported in the press service of Sovcombank. Analysts consider that  the united bank will enter in top-3 private banks of Russia by the amount of assets and the capital, added in the press service.

On November 12 process of consolidation of Sovcombank and Rosevrobank is completed. All business of the united bank will work at the license of Sovcombank. Transition to one license is completed in the shortest possible time: from the moment of the beginning of consolidation there passed less than 4 months.


The Sovcombank increased a share in Rosevrobank to 34.34%

In December, 2017 it became known that the Sovcombank increased a share in Rosevrobank, follows from materials of disclosure of bank. Now it controls 34.34% of Rosevrobank (24.34% – directly, 10% – through REG Holding (integrates the Russian shareholders of Rosevrobank).

The Sovcombank purchased a share block in 5.7%, the German investment fund DEG acted as the seller, the chairman of the board of Sovcombank Dmitry Gusev told through the press service. He refused to call transaction amount, having added that purchase took place on own means of bank. Gusev assumed that in 2018 the Sovcombank will redeem a share in Rosevrobank from the EBRD.

Earlier the Sovcombank got permission of FAS to increase in a share in Rosevrobank. Then Gusev did not exclude that the Sovcombank can redeem shares from the EBRD and DEG together with founders of Rosevrobank.

"In connection with the sanctions the American, European investors often have no opportunity to remain among shareholders of the Russian issuers", – reported in the press service of Rosevrobank.

There is no arrangement on consolidation of banks now, added in Rosevrobank, however such succession of events is possible in the future.

The Sovcombank increased a share in Rosevrobank to 29%

In October, 2017 the Sovcombank announced purchase of 9.16% of stocks of Rosevrobank, thus having increased the share to 29%. The transaction was closed last week, says bank. Sold a share REG Holding, holding structure of REB which integrates the Russian shareholders of bank, Dmitry Gusev explained through the representative of the chairman of the board of Sovcombank.

Transaction amount "was close to the capital", Gusev told through the press service. Answered a question of transaction amount also in the press service of Rosevrobank. For September 1, 2017 own means of Rosevrobank made 33.4 billion rubles, so, the selling price could be about 3 billion rubles.

"For last incomplete two years from the moment of the first acquisition of 9.48% of bank shares by Sovcombank Rosevrobank was steadily profitable and paid to shareholders a high dividend income", – Gusev noted[2].

The bank took shares at the expense of own means.

The Sovcombank was included for the first time into capital stock of Rosevrobank in September, 2015, then he took 9.48% of shares. In November of the same year the bank increased a share to 15%, having bought in addition actions at the largest shareholder of Rosevrobank Sergey Grishin (owned nearly 47%). In a year, in November, 2016, the Sovcombank brought a share in Rosevrobank to 19.54%, having spent 2.9 billion rubles for purchase of its stocks, Interfax reported.

By the amount of assets for the II quarter 2017 the Sovcombank takes the 17th place in a ranking of Interfax-CEA (575.2 billion rubles), Rosevrobank is the 45th place (173.5 billion rubles).