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2015125 050---
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120 employees in 2016


Rostelecom-Solar (before Solar Security) it was created in 2015 by Jet Infosystems company. It accumulated in itself business on development of cybersecurity products and outsourcing cybersecurity examination.

As of 2017 the Solar Security command in total made about 300 people.

For September, 2018 Rostelecom-Solar acts as national provider of services and technologies for protection of data assets, target monitoring and information security management.

Performance Indicators


According to base " circuit.focus ", in 2016 revenue of Solar Security made about 361 million rubles.


2020: Start of the direction of system integration

On February 13, 2020 Rostelecom announced start of the business direction of system integration based on Rostelecom-Solar subsidiary company. Calls in information security field became an incentive to its creation. First of all, need to provide the high level of protection against cyberthreats for those public authorities and the commercial organizations which pass a stage of digital transformation and prefer on-premise delivery pattern with an opportunity further to transfer operation of the systems of protection to outsourcing.

Success in the market of system integration in many respects depends on a maturity of the processes of project management existing in the company.

Examination and practical experience which the company gained for years of work in the market of services of cyber security and which allowed it to reach a leading position in this segment will be directed to providing real security and those companies which select on-premise delivery pattern now.

We know how to ensure practical safety, we have experience with the most different technological solutions and the most important – well we understand customers need in simple and convenient operation of the systems of protection after commissioning of the project. And a serious resource pool Rostelecom-Solar integrating staff of experts in the field of system integration and network of points of presence in regions guarantees to customers careful study and high-quality support of projects in all territory of Russia,
tells Igor Lyapunov, the vice president of PJSC Rostelecom for information security, the CEO Rostelecom-Solar

Thus, now the structure of business of Rostelecom-Solar company includes three directions. The providing technologies of protection in service model implementing the mission of Rostelecom in the field of cyber security is key. It is provided by services of the first and leading commercial center of monitoring and response to Solar JSOC cyber attacks and also the managed services of cyber security Solar MSS. The direction of system integration provides the need for information security of those companies which prefer to build protection against cyberthreats in the organization. However and they can give operation of means of protecting to the external contractor afterwards. At last, development of own products allows to propose Rostelecom-Solar to customers the solutions which are most meeting their requirements.

The direction of system integration logically is built in structure of activity of the company. Now the customer can receive the cybersecurity project of a full stroke 'from a single window' irrespective of the selected format of delivery of technologies, the purposes and scale of the project,
reported Dmitry Gorbatov, the director of integration of Rostelecom-Solar company

2019: Cooperation with the Samara university of the academician Korolyov

On January 30, 2019 Rostelecom-Solar, the national provider of technologies and services of protection of data assets, monitoring and information security management, reported that they signed the agreement on strategic partnership with the Samara national research university of a name of the academician S.P. Korolyov. Read more here.


Partnership agreements in international market

The developer of solutions in information security field Rostelecom-Solar signed a number of partnership agreements about promotion of the solution Solar inCode in international market. One agreement is signed with the Sense of Security Pty Ltd. company providing a range of services in information security field which works at the territory of Australia. Other agreement is signed between Rostelecom-Solar and Parasoft. In its framework Parasoft will propose the solution for the analysis of security of the source code Solar inCode to the customers in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam, gradually entering also other markets of Southeast Asia.

Change of a logo and name

The Solar Security logo before acquisition by Rostelecom
The Solar Security logo before acquisition by Rostelecom

After purchase of Solar Security in May, 2018 at the company the name was replaced with Rostelecom-Solar by Rostelecom operator and the logo was updated.

The updated logo visually displays the fact that the company works at the market as subsidiary company of Rostelecom now.

Purchase of the company by Rostelecom

In May, 2018 Rostelecom announced acquisition of 100% of Solar Security company. Transaction amount is 1.5 billion rubles, the president of Rostelecom Mikhail Oseevsky told. It is going to complete legal execution of the transaction in the first half of the year 2018.

Solar Security will work at the market as subsidiary company of Rostelecom under a brand of the operator. Solar Security will continue to work at the initial stage under the brand, however in further its name should change. One of the considered options - RTK Cyber Security, reported in the company.

The CEO of Solar Security Igor Lyapunov will continue to direct the company. Also he will hold a position of the vice president of Rostelecom.

The command of Rostelecom which was engaged in commercial services of cyber security as a part of "several dozens" of people will pass into the structure of Solar Security, Oseevsky TAdviser told. In total at the time of the transaction the total number of commands of both companies which will work in cybersecurity subsidiary of Rostelecom is about 350 people.

The president of Rostelecom Mikhail Oseevsky (in the center) and the CEO of Solar Security Igor Lyapunov (on the right). The photo is TAdviser
The president of Rostelecom Mikhail Oseevsky (in the center) and the CEO of Solar Security Igor Lyapunov (on the right). The photo is TAdviser

Based on Solar Security "Rostelecom" will create Competence Center of commercial services of cyber security and is going to become "national provider of cyber security", declare in the company.

Will pass technology practices of Rostelecom in the field of services and solutions cybersecurity into Solar Security.

As a part of Rostelecom of Solar Security in the development will place emphasis on solutions for monitoring, management of security, development of the centers of response to cyber attacks. Providing cybersecurity on service model will become the second accent: since infrastructure and finishing with management systems. The third - focus on creation of the IB domestic technologies within a course towards import substitution, was told in Solar Security.

It is important that we will develop our services in the field of cyber security not only at the level of federal state agencies, but also at the regional level, our network of work with clients will be expanded to all geography of presence of Rostelecom, - Mikhail Oseevsky noted. - It is a new step forward as before both Rostelecom, and Solar Security mainly worked with big customers.

Solar Security at the time of sale to Rostelecom estimates the share in the market of SOC services (Security Operations Center) about 86%. The company predicts growth of the market of services of security multiply in a year and are going to hold this market share.

Participants of the transaction at the time of its announcement did not begin to specify forecasts for revenue of new subsidiary company. According to Oseevsky, for the last year revenue from the direction of cyber security of the operator grew approximately three times. He added that their plan assumes growth of such revenue many times in the medium term.

The main competitive advantage after entry into the structure of Rostelecom into Solar Security see synergy with competences and a client scope of Rostelecom. The company in many respects is going to offer the services via its channels, Igor Lyapunov told.

Plans of purchase of the company by Rostelecom

In February, 2018 it became known of plans Rostelecom to purchase Solar Security. The companies reached the preliminary agreement, after approval of parts consideration of the transaction will be taken out on Board of Directors of Rostelecom, RBC with reference to the sources reports.

According to one of them, the transaction on Solar Security sale to Rostelecom can be closed in the second quarter 2018. The companies refrained from comments on edition requests.

Solar Security was going to purchase Rostelecom
Solar Security was going to purchase Rostelecom

Transaction amount can be about $20-25 million (1.14-1.43 billion rubles at the rate of for February 7, 2018), the managing partner of LETA Capital venture fund Alexander Chachava who also knows of negotiations between Solar Security and Rostelecom considers.

The analyst of Raiffeisenbank Sergey Libin estimates Solar Security approximately at 1 billion rubles. Purchase of such company keeps within logic of Rostelecom which tries to avoid in recent years providing traditional communication services, income from which falls, the expert considers.

The source of RBC familiar with parts of the preparing transaction, claims that it at Rostelecom has ambitious plans for entry into the market of information security, and reminds that the state operator also through absorption entered the market of data processing centers by purchase of SafeData company.

Solar Security was one of the first who brought service of information security monitoring (SOC) to the commercial market, and due to competent strategy managed to stake out for itself the leader's position in this accruing segment — the information security expert of Cisco Alexey Lukatsky says. 

Rostelecom has own center of monitoring and response to cyberthreats which solves generally internal problems of the company, however the operator had plans for representation of such services to third-party clients, the top manager of one of the IT companies told the edition.[1]


Interview of TAdviser of the CEO Igor Lyapunov

In November, 2017 Igor Lyapunov, the CEO of Solar Security, in an interview told TAdviser about the concept of People Centric Security, products the constructed based on this ideology and technology market prospects of cybersecurity.

Positive Technologies and Solar Security will create the centers of "turnkey" State system of detection, prevention and elimination of consequences of computer attacks

The companies Solar Security also Positive Technologies started in November, 2017 the joint business direction on creation of the departmental and corporate centers of the state detection system, warning and mitigation of consequences of the computer attacks on information resources of the Russian Federation (State system of detection, prevention and elimination of consequences of computer attacks) based on a complex of technologies and examination of Positive Technologies and also Solar Security services for monitoring and response to incidents.


For 2015 the product line and services of Solar Security company includes:

  • JSOC (Jet Security Operations Center) is a set of services for monitoring and management of cybersecurity, response to cyberthreats, to control of security of infrastructure and business applications;
  • Solar Dozor (earlier "Patrol Jett") — the DLP system intended for control of communications of employees and optimized under problems of identification of corporate fraud;
  • Solar inView (before Jet inView Security, JiVS) — the analytical system which is a basis of the situational centers for cybersecurity and decision making support systems;
  • Solar inRights (before Jet inView Identity Manager, Jet inView IdM) — the centralized control system of accounts and access rights in heterogeneous information systems.


In 2014 the total volume of sales "Patrol Jett", JiVS, Jet inView IdM and services JSOC within business of Jet Infosystems company made 768 million rubles. The Solar Security company in 2015 is going to increase an indicator of implementation of the products and services to 1.1 billion in the prices of the end consumer. Including due to growth of number of sales, building of a partner network and, respectively, the customer base and also expansion of presence at energy markets, the state organizations and retail.

First, separation of businesses will allow us to concentrate the efforts on products and expansion of a product portfolio — Lyapunov Igor the CEO of Solar Security company commented on an event. — And secondly, our key feature is the business scheme, new to the Russian market of cybersecurity. We transformed classical model of software maker to model of service provider (MSSP) when software or the equipment, and complete business function is provided to the client not separate. Such model will allow us to provide target application of security technologies with their exact fine tuning under tasks of each client. Thanks to it return from security technologies considerably increases.