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Rostelecom — the Retail Systems (RRS)


Rostelecom — the Retail Systems LLC is responsible for development of retail network of Rostelecom





Rostelecom — the Retail Systems LLC - 100% the subsidiary company PJSC Rostelecom created for the purpose of development and increase in efficiency of own retail network of the company. The project of reforming of retail network is started in November, 2014. "Rostelecom – the Retail systems" consists of 7 macroregional branches with head office in Moscow.

The main activity of the company – connection and service of subscribers of Rostelecom – physical persons and legal entities and also implementation of additional services and services. Among them: money transfers, repayment of the credits, sale of SIM cards and service of subscribers of mobile operators, issue of orders from online stores, implementation of insurance products and services, lottery tickets, difficult technical goods (mobile phones, tablets) and accessories to them.



Growth of revenue from sales of mobile devices by 15 times

On March 5, 2019 in retail network of Rostelecom (Rostelekom-Roznichnye sistemy LLC, affiliated enterprise PJSC Rostelecom) summed up the results of sales of mobile devices in 800 cellular shops in 2018. Brands of Samsung, Apple and Honor became the most popular smartphones among clients of Rostelecom.

In 2018 retail of the operator began to cooperate with producers as in telephony: Samsung, Huawei, Honor, Xiaomi, Alcatel, Nokia, Asus, and in accessories: JBL, Deppa, Sony, Kingston, Sennheiser, Canyon, SanDisk and others.

The share of sales of the Samsung smartphones made 27.5%, on the second place of Apple from 15.4%, on the third – Honor from shares of 12.7%. In relation to 2017 total sales from mobile phones and smartphones grew by 15 times.

In the 4th quarter 2018 on "Black Friday" and a New Year's Eve sale clients of Rostelecom bought the Honor 9 Lite smartphones with a share of 15%, Huawei Y5 Prime – 10% and Xiaomi Redmi of 5 - 9%.

We have the balanced range and we place emphasis on a mid-price segment, in cellular shops of Rostelecom there are both goods of the first price, and model of a high segment. We are going to continue work on increase in the average check thanks to more dense cooperation with And - and B-brands of smartphones in 2019.
'Denis Ilyin, CEO of Rostelekom-Roznichnye sistemy LLC

Thanks to cooperation with Banks of Russia in cellular shops of Rostelecom sales of goods by installments and the credit were started that gives to buyers the chance to purchase gadgets without serious load of the family budget.

In addition to purchases in salons it is always possible to connect mobile services of Rostelecom quickly.

Start of issue of orders with Avito

The Rostelecom — the Retail Systems company in October, 2018 within cooperation with DPD company in Russia began to issue the orders purchased on the website of personals of Avito.

Start of issue of orders with Avito
We are glad to cooperation with DPD. The goods purchased on Avito can be received in our cellular shops across all Russia. For this purpose at order placement it is necessary to specify the center of sales and service of Rostelecom as a preferable delivery mode.
Ekaterina Petropavlovskaya, commercial director of Rostelecom — the Retail Systems LLC

For October, 2018 orders from Avito are already brought to 404 cellular shops of Rostelecom which conveniently and just to reach: they are located in large shopping centers, near metro stations or stops of public transport. On site it is possible to check sending contents.

2017: Sales of services for B2B of clients

The Rostelecom — the Retail Systems company started in July, 2017 sales of services and tinning of clients of B2B of a segment across all Russia. Now in cellular shops of Rostelecom it is possible to leave the request for connection of services or service request.

Traditional services are available to legal entities: classical telephony, virtual number in format 8-800, Internet access, VPN, Wi-Fi. And products: cellular communication, cloud telephony without wires, information security, video surveillance, etc.


Revenue from additional services in 9 months 2016 increased twice in comparison with 2015. The most demanded services appeared: money transfers, insurance services, payment for the services of 3 persons, sale of SIM cards, obtaining Internet orders.

The retail network of Rostelecom — consists of 7 macroregional branches: Center, South, Northwest, Volga, Ural, Siberia and Far East. As of November, 2016 RRS include more than 1300 centers of sales and service in 76 regions and 1343 localities. Until the end of 2016 the company is going to start 12 salons of a new format.

In two years the company started affiliate programs with leaders of insurance market, mobile operators of Big Four, the largest payment systems. There were additional services for clients among whom there are money transfers, repayment of the credits, lotteries, sale of SIM cards and service of subscribers, issue of orders of 600 online stores, insurance, an avia and railway tickets, difficult technical goods (mobile phones, tablets) and accessories to them.