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Rostelecom - Data processing centers Rostelecom DPC of RTK-TsOD





+ Rostelecom - Data processing centers (Rostelecom DPC, RTK-TsOD)

The "Rostelecom — Data Processing Centers" group performs functions of management company of competence center of PJSC Rostelecom in the directions of development of services and infrastructures of DPC, import-independent cloud platforms, services of exchange of traffic and CDN. Key activities of RTK-TsOD are:

  • Development of infrastructure and DPC services
  • Development of an import-independent cloud platform
  • Development of services for exchange of traffic and content deliveries (CDN)


At the beginning of 2018 the Technical center Internet (Technical Center Internet LLC), the company servicing the Main register and a recording system of domains joined group . RU. Russian Federation. SU, and ensuring smooth operation of domain addressing of the Russian network segment the Internet on the global area network.

In March, 2018 the group included RTK Information Technologies joint venture. The main activity – rendering complex IT services to the state customers.

2017: Partnership with Galaktika Corporation

Rostelecom DPC, entering into PJSC Rostelecom, and Galaktika corporation signed the agreement on partner cooperation. The companies plan collaboration in creation of product-based cloud services and solutions of Galaktika corporation for the purpose of creation of services in the market for development of digital production.

"Cooperation of Galaktika corporation, Russian developer of end-to-end systems of management of activity of the enterprise, with competence center of Rostelecom on development of services and infrastructures of DPC has a strategic importance. We expand partnership with the state institutes for development of the service directions. A successful example of such interaction – cooperation with Minpromtorg of Russia on creation of service of subcontracting for the State Information System of the Industry (SISI), – Sergey Petrov, the board member of Galaktika corporation noted. – Implementation of our cloud solutions at the enterprises will promote as development of industrial Internet of Things, and digital production in general and also will promote reorientation of national economy to digital model".


In 2016 Rostelecom announced strategy for consolidation of assets of group Rostelecom. The strategy purpose – development of the uniform infrastructure of data centers allowing to advance actively modern cloud services and solutions for business and the state. Same year Rostelecom started project implementation on deployment of own system of the data processing centers (DPC). The company set as the purpose to create network of the federal and regional DPCs connected by redundant trunk communication channels of high capacity in a uniform disaster-proof cluster with a unified cloud environment.

Rostelecom can bring the share in RTK-center obrabotki dannykh LLC (RTK-TsOD) entering into SafeData group from the current 50.1% to 100% within five years. Writes about it in August, 2016 TASS with reference to materials of the Russian[1].

Follows from them that the corresponding option was approved by Board of Directors. Rostelecom purchased 50.1% of RTK-TsOD at SafeData at the beginning of 2015[2]. After that the share of the operator in the company remained invariable. At the end of February, 2016 the Russian operator reported[3] about the intention to completely consolidate business in the development area, operation and provision of services of commercial DPCs and cloud services, having made at the same time uniform competence center of RTK-TsOD.

For that period data storage, content delivery and exchange of Internet traffic were the main activities of the company. Also SafeData owned two large DPCs, CDN- the operator Ngenix and Center of interaction of computer networks MCK-IX Ltd.

In May, 2016 the Tionix joint venture created in partnership with developer company of own cloud solution was a part Rostelecom DPC.