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Rostelecom Contact center of MTs NTT Moscow center of new technologies and telecommunications


MTs NTT company - 100% the subsidiary company of the largest Russian operator of JSC Rostelecom created in 1995.




"Rostelecom Contact center" (AO MTS NTT) is founded in December, 1995 and is large outsourcing contact center.



"Rostelecom Contact center" Elena Drobot is appointed the CEO

100% of subsidiary company PJSC Rostelecom, Elena Drobot is appointed the CEO of Rostelecom Contact Center (JSC Moskovsky center novykh technology i telekommunikatsy) company. On July 8, 2019 reported about it in Rostelecom. At this position it replaced Andrey Petrov who directed the company since 2004 and left the post to be engaged in own projects. Read more here.

25 contact centers in 18 cities of Russia

For 2019 25 contact centers in 18 cities work Russia. "Rostelecom Contact center" (MTs NTT). Omnichat The knowledge management system — the knowledge base adapted for tasks of contact center is a supplier of professional solutions for contact centers, such as "" — the platform for communication with clients in digital-channels, and.

Rostelecom Contact Center logo (MTs NTT)

Among clients "Rostelecom there is a Contact center" the largest domestic and foreign companies, working in all segments of the market (B2C, B2B, B2G).

Work of operators of Rostelecom Contact Center company. Photo:


For November, 2012 the company offers a data service and telematic services, service of the fixed, international and intercity telephone communication, service of own contact center and also a complex of additional solutions for business management of the client.

The MTs NTT company is focused on work with corporate clients, the enterprises of small and medium business, objects of a commercial real estate and telecom operators and we provide complete solutions on the organization of communication services: from project works before implementation of the latest telecommunication solutions. The company uses the most modern technologies of the organization of communication and has own fiber-optical network with a total length more than 2,500 km, the covering all territory of Moscow and a number of areas of the Moscow region.