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The macroregional branch "Volga" of PJSC Rostelecom is structural division of Rostelecom company which operates on the territory of the Volga Federal District.

MRF "Volga" was created in April, 2011 based on JSC VolgaTelecom after its accession to Rostelecom company and today integrates 12 regional branches: Kirovski, Nizhny Novgorod, Orenburg, Penza, Samara, Saratov, Ulyanovsk and also branches in the Udmurt and Chuvash republics and the Republics of Mari El, Mordovia and Tatarstan.

MRF "Volga" locates not only trunk communication channels, but also network of the local fixed telephone communication with a capacity of 5 million numbers. MRF "Volga" provides a full range of modern telecommunication services, including services of wire and mobile communication, high-speed Internet access, interactive television, cloud solutions for private and corporate clients.

For the beginning of 2017 the number of users of services of broadband Internet access exceeded 2 million, from them nearly 1,200 thousand receive services in an optical network of data transmission. The number of subscribers of interactive television in the Volga region is about 650 thousand.

2017: Interregional Command center communication networks

The "Enlargement of Command Centers Communication Networks" project starting in 2015 in a zone of Macroregional Branch "Volga" came in the spring of 2017 to a closing stage. To control functions trunk and intra-zone communication networks added a feature for the centralized monitoring and management of local networks.

In the Interregional Center functions of monitoring and management of all levels and types of access networks (a local/domestic long distance communication, backbone networks, data networks) are concentrated. The total amount of IP of traffic of users of the company which is under management in Interregional the center is more than 1.5 Tbit / page.

Centralization of divisions on management of communication networks and technical support of clients led, first of all, to decrease in time of working off of client requests, the speed of response to emergency situations increased. Until the end of 2018 step-by-step transfer of functions of monitoring, management of networks, services and technical support of clients from all MRF "Volga" regional branches is planned for the centralized platform in Nizhny Novgorod.

One of the most important functions of the Interregional center is management and control of the involved divisions during work on elimination of the extraordinary and emergency situations connected with operability of technical infrastructure of PJSC Rostelecom. Here quality control of operation of the equipment is conducted during important social actions, for example, of video broadcast of the Unified state examination, the Uniform voting day, etc. The center also performs service quality monitoring Interactive television of Rostelecom and other services for clients of MRF "Volga".

Daily and replaceable personnel of Interregional Command center of MRF "Volga" as the uniform harmonious mechanism are always ready to take quickly measures for recovery of the damaged network resources, services at clients of the company, to provide all interested persons with necessary information.

Within project implementation reconstruction of own building was carried out, repair of premises and equipment is executed by their engineering systems, jobs and the situational center are organized, single systems of management and monitoring of objects and constructions of communication are upgraded and again implemented.

Opening of the integrated Center in Nizhny Novgorod has as well important social value: additional jobs for specialists of the different directions of IT sphere will be created. Total number of the center will be nearly 500 people.

The associate director of MRF "Volga" of PJSC Rostelecom is the technical director Efremenko Denis: "Historically monitoring and network management executed regional divisions of Rostelecom in the different cities. Now these functions are performed in new Command center that allowed to increase quality of operation, condition monitoring and network management, gave the chance to provide and support as the existing problems of operation, and new products which are or at an implementation stage, or even in development. Creation of this Center – the next step of Rostelecom company on quality excellence of the provided services and increase in the service level of clients.