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Helicopters of Russia - 100%
Financial results
2011 year
Revenue: 19.9 millions Thousand rub
Net Profit: No data
Number of employees
2014 year



+ Rostvertol

The aircraft factory in Rostov-on-Don is founded on July 1, 1939 for production of fighting and civilian airliners.

The Mi-10 helicopter is this flying crane! In 1965 it lifted a load weighing 15 tons on height of 2840 meters.

In 1992, as a result of incorporating the Rostov Helicopter plant changed the name to JSC Rostvertol. In December, 2010 the enterprise was a part of JSC "Russian Helicopters", subsidiary company JSC UIC Oboronprom.

JSC Rostvertol produces the combat helicopter of new generation Mi-28H "The night hunter" serially (Mi-28NE in export option), the helicopter of fire support Mi-35 of M. Prodolzhayetsya production of the helicopter Mi-24P. Also at the enterprise the heavy transport helicopter Mi-26T and his upgraded Mi-26T2 version is issued.