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The RuArts foundation is set up in 2003 by the collector and the patron Marianna Sardarova.


For May, 2019 works of the following artists are represented in a collection of fund:

  • Mikhail Schwarzman,
  • Vladimir Nemukhin,
  • Vladimir Yakovlev,
  • Igor Vulokh,
  • Dmitry Krasnopevtsev,
  • Timur Novikov,
  • Vladislav Mamyshev-Monro,
  • Francisco Infante,
  • Igor Makarevich,
  • Oleg Maslov,
  • Olga Tobreluts,
  • Leonid Purygin,
  • Sergey Anufriyev,
  • Sergey Borisov,
  • Oleg Tselkov,
  • Sergey Shablavin,
  • Nikolay Polissky,
  • Evgeny Antufyev,
  • Aydan Salakhova,
  • Dmitry Tsvetkov,
  • Alexander Zakharov,
  • Vitaly Pushnitsky,
  • Vita Buyvid,
  • Andrey Bartenev,
  • Irina of Corin,
  • Sergey Kishchenko,
  • Timofey Radya,
  • Mischa Bridge,
  • Alexey Luk,
  • Dmitry Aske and many other Russian authors.

2019: Opening of the new platform in Trubnikovsky Lane in Moscow

In May, 2019 the RuArts fund announced opening of the new platform in the center of Moscow (Trubnikovsky Lane, 6). On 6 floors of space permanent exposure, halls for temporary exhibitions, a lecture hall, library, bookstore, cafe is placed.

The new multidisciplinary complex allows to carry out exhibition, debatable, lecture and film programs, master classes for children. Important activity of Fund is the educational program – much attention will be paid to it.

Task of Fund – to combine efforts of curators, artists, researchers of the modern art and to build dialog between the artist, the work and the viewer.

The new space of Fund will give the chance for the first time to show the collection collected within 15 years and consisting of works by the Russian modern artists.

The RuArts fund will also continue interaction with the state institutions, publishing and the grant program for young artists of a street wave.

The new building of Fund will begin work in December, 2019. The project of space was developed the Moscow architectural workshop "Atrium" of Anton Nadtochiya and Vera Butko. RuArts and Atrium already worked together on the architectural concept of gallery.

The RuArts gallery will continue the work on the address: 1st Zachatyevsky Lane, 10.

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