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RusHydro IT service





Revenue and profit of the company

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History and performance indicators


In the spring of 2018 RusHydro IT Service LLC obtained the license of FSTEC of Russia:

  • on activities for technical confidential information protection;
  • on activities for development and production of means of protecting of confidential information.

Data acquisition of licenses the practician on information security systems will allow to implement the policy of the company on diversification of a service line and opening of new competence centers according to needs of Group of RusHydro and also to development.

And also the license of FSB of Russia for implementation of development, productions, distribution of the cryptographic (cryptographic) tools, information systems and telecommunication systems protected using cryptographic (cryptographic) tools, execution of works, rendering services in the field of enciphering of information, maintenance of the cryptographic (cryptographic) tools, information systems and telecommunication systems protected using cryptographic (cryptographic) tools (except for a case if technical tinning of cryptographic (cryptographic) tools, the information systems and telecommunication systems protected using cryptographic (cryptographic) tools is performed for ensuring own needs of the legal entity or the individual entrepreneur).


In 2016 revenue of RusHydro company made 434 million rubles that is 6.9% higher than a similar indicator in 2015. In a ranking "TAdviser100: The largest IT companies in Russia" at the end of 2016 the RusHydro company took the 93rd place.

2013: RusHydro creates the insourcing IT company

RusHydro creates the affiliated service enterprise which will perform internal IT services and insourcing by analogy with Greenatom in Rosatom, the Chief information officer of holding Garald Bandurin in October, 2013 [[Bandurin Garald Ivanovich|]] told TAdviser.

According to him, it will be vocational education which will be engaged in providing holding with IT services "in sufficient volume, with the necessary quality and at the best price".

"We are subsector of power, and subsectors have always a certain problem — some types of specialists cannot be found in the market, they can only be reproduced in the own environment, - explains need of creation of such Chief Information Officer of RusHydro company. - Hydropower engineer you will not find anywhere, too will not find the hydropower IT equipment technologist anywhere, they should be reproduced at themselves therefore also the structure will be such which is able to reproduce them that it was possible to move further".

Part of specialists who already in staff of the company, and partially its state is going to be understaffed will be transferred to the new project, having finished learning people, he adds.

Garald Bandurin also told that in addition to service company there is one more structure which is displaid by RusHydro - it is structure of general designer of management systems.

"It is necessary in order that all management systems were projected in one logic that all solutions and that it was possible to perform really integration of these solutions both at the level of infrastructure, and at the level of a data model, and at the level of separate applications, the systems of data exchange in conformity worked", - the Chief information officer of holding explains.

According to him, as of fall of 2013 discussion where this structure will be and as it will be organized – as the separate legal entity or as a part of holding, some of institutes, is conducted. Approximately from the first quarter 2014 it is going to start process of its creation.