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Rusat - Additive Technologies (RUSAT)





Core competencies

  • software development for the additive systems;
  • production of 3D-printers and their components;
  • creation of materials and metal powders for additive printing;
  • development of the regulatory base and standards;
  • training;
  • rendering services on 3D - printings and implementation of additive technologies in digital productions (including regarding the organization of the centers of production).

2018: Creation of the company

On February 12, 2018 Rosatom announced creation of separate company which will specialize in technologies of three-dimensional printing. The structure received the name of Rusatom-Additivnye Tekhnologii (RuSat LLC).

RUSAT will focus on four key directions: production of 3D-printers and their components, creation of materials and metal powders for 3D - printings, development of the complex software for the additive systems and also accomplishment of services on 3D - to printing and implementation of additive technologies in production (including, regarding the organization of the centers of production).

\"Rosatom created the company for release of 3D-printers
"Rosatom created the company for release of 3D-printers

Serial production of the equipment and materials will be adjusted at the different enterprises of Rosatom, but generally at the plants TVEL in Novouralsk of Sverdlovsk region — NPO Centrotekh and JSC UEIP. on the Production Site There Are Additional Opportunities for Creation in the Future of New Productions in This Direction, Reports Rosatom LLC.

Strategic objective of RUSAT is called receiving revenue to 50 billion rubles by 2025 and shares in the world market of additive technologies in 1.5%. Rosatom promises that the cost of the domestic printer will be 20% lower than analogs, and characteristic — above.

At the same time requirements, for example, medical institutions of our country only in endoprostheses which it is possible to make on our 3D-printers, to 100 thousand a year" — the deputy head of JSC Nauka i innovatsii Alexey Dub who is appointed the CEO of RUSAT LLC noted.

He also told that at the enterprises of Rosatom the prototype of the industrial 3D-printer of the second generation is developed. Until the end of 2018 is going to begin its serial production in Novouralsk.

Management of the new company will get to work in February, 2018, reported in the press service of Rosatom.[1]


12.2017. On the platform of UEIP trial production of the 3D-printers which are printing several metal powders and having several lasers is started.

06.2017. The project of creation of digital production of precision products is developed for the medical industry based on additive technologies.

12.2016. The first 10 drafts of national standards on additive technologies are approved, the project on creation of additive manufacturing of medical implants is initiated.

08.2016. Product strategy "The granulated metal powders" is approved. The project of creation of trial installation for production of powders of metal alloys by method of gas spraying of fusions on NPO Centrotekh (being UZGTs LLC), including for application in additive technologies is initiated.

07.2016. In Sverdlovsk region the research and production consortium "Additive technologies" is created. TVEL, UEIP, JSC Nauka i innovatsii, VSMPO-AVISMA corporation, Rostec, All-Russia Institute of Light Alloys, Ural Federal University, the Ural department of the Russian Academy of Sciences and other organizations were its part.

03.2016. Technical committee No. 182 "Additive technologies" where JSC Nauka i innovatsii is a cochairman is created.

12.2015. Strategic council of Rosatom approved additive technologies as one of priorities of development and scientific and technical activity in not power sphere. Product strategy "Creation of production of the automated complexes of layer-by-layer synthesis of figurine metal parts from polypowder compositions" is approved.

03.2015. On a grant of the Ministry of Education and Science in TSNIITMASHE development of the metal 3D-printer is begun. The product directions of development of additive technologies are defined.

09.2014. At a meeting of presidium of Council under the President of the Russian Federation for upgrade of economy and the innovative development the decision on inclusion of additive technologies in the list of the directions of a national technology initiative "New production technologies" is made.

2012‒2013. Formation of the concept of development of additive technologies in Rosatom.