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Rusat Automated Control Systems (RACS)


Design, development, implementation, maintenance, upgrade of an ACS (an APCS, an ACS of software, an ACS O) for the NPP and KVO. System integration of the APCS components. Software development for SVU

Competitors: Siemens Areva, , Alstom

Atomenergoprom, JSC - 100%




+ Rusat Automated Control Systems (RACS)

JSC Rusatom Avtomatizirovannye sistemy upravleniya is the company integrator in the field of APCS automated process control systems. JSC RASU is industry integrator of businesses "Automated control systems" and Electrical equipment of ROSATOM State Corporation.

2017: Start of development of the electrotechnical equipment

In March, 2017 it was announced that RASU will execute a role of integrator of business on development and production of the electrotechnical equipment and also will be engaged in design of power grid objects. The role of the center of scientific and technical development was undertaken by the All-Russian electrotechnical institute of V.I. Lenin (VEI).

Key problem of creation of business integrator - to consolidate competences of the enterprises of Rosatom and to create the complex offer, taking into account current market trends. The wide pool of producers of electric equipment, among them, UEMZ, VEI, the North, NIIP, Start, VNIIEF, NIIEFA, VNIIA, All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Technical Physics, Elektrokhimpribor Plant, Rosenergoatom is among partners of new business. With all participants of business the regulations of interaction defining distribution of functions and roles between the organizations[1] are developed[2].

"Together with participants of business, the company integrator will be engaged in creation of electric equipment at all stages of lifecycle, beginning from advanced developments and finishing with monitoring and diagnostics. Such approach will increase product competitiveness and will allow to manage all chain of value creation, putting the solutions demanded by the consumer at the earliest stages. Our ultimate goal - to supply the equipment not only for domestic enterprises and needs of nuclear sector, but also to enter foreign market, competing with the conventional leaders. I see special potential in integration of two directions and creation of unique products at a joint of competences APCS and Electrical equipment", - the CEO of RASU Butko Andrey noted.

Electric equipment of classes of voltage of 0.4-110 kV, including complete distributors, measuring transformers, switches and disconnectors, current-conducting wires enters the existing industry portfolio. Experts of RASU together with VEI carry out the assessment of research and production competences of participants of business, konjekturny researches and the analysis of the top market trends. Based on this work the target portfolio of the electrotechnical equipment will be built and the long-term program for its development is prepared.

In parallel with it, RASU increases project competences, including calculations of the modes, linear design, design of substations and the secondary systems (including RZA and PA). These skills will allow to implement "turnkey" projects of technology joining of consumers to power supply system that is especially relevant for the developing manufacturing enterprises of nuclear sector.

Special attention will be paid to advanced developments which will be performed based on the All-Russian electrotechnical institute which entered a circuit Rosatom and since 1921 the executing research on the main directions of electrical equipment. In this structure VEI will receive the status of the center of Research and Development, tests and normative and technical regulation.

2016: Creation of the company, Andrey Butko is a CEO

On March 21, 2016 Rosatom announced creation of joint-stock obshchestva Rusatom — Avtomatizirovannye sistemy upravleniya (JSC RASU) using which the state corporation expects to increase an order portfolio in foreign market of the industrial control systems (ICS).

The following tasks are set for the new company: centralization of processes of creation of the PCS, providing a full range of services at all stages of lifecycle of such systems and also implementation of uniform scientific and technical policy for the ACS developed and made by the organizations of Rosatom.

Rosatom created the company for promotion of the Russian PCS abroad
Rosatom created the company for promotion of the Russian PCS abroad
We have enough competitors in foreign market therefore there is no sense to compete also among themselves. Therefore the task of RASU as integrator will consist in determination of the coordinated policy within the PCS business direction — the head of project office on civil products of Rosatom Dmitry Baydarov noted.

According to the message of department of communications of Rosatom, JSC RASU will promote abroad industrial control systems for objects of nuclear power, heat-and-power engineeering, oil and gas chemistry and transport.

Business of the new company will be concentrated on such directions as automation of again constructed subjects to use of atomic energy, upgrade of the PCS of subjects to use of atomic energy, service for the PCS of subjects to use of atomic energy and development of the PCS for not atomic markets.

JSC RASU was headed by Andrey Butko before working in JSC All-Russian Research Institute of Nuclear Power Stations as the first deputy chief designer of the PCS and the associate director of VNIIAES-ASUTP.[3]