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Rossiya Airlines


JSC Rossiya Airlines - one of airlines in the country and the largest – in North-West Region. Since 2011 enters into Aeroflot group. The Rossiya Airlines are based in St. Petersburg and execute about 40% of air transportation of Pulkovo Airport. Annually the company transports more than four million passengers.

Administration of Saint Petersburg



For July, 2014 the park of Rossiya Airlines consists of 38 modern liners. The company is the country's first operator of the latest Russian-Ukrainian airplanes An-148-100B. For commercial transportations the airplanes Airbus A319, Airbus A320, Boeing 767-300 are also used.

Pulkovo is the basic airport of airline, is the separate structure which is not a part of Rossiya Airlines.


The company conducts the history since 1934. Being a legal successor of Pulkovo airline.

2000: Membership in IATA

Since June, 2000 the airline is the full member of the International Air Transport Association – IATA that shows the high level in international market of air transportation.

2001: Membership in the Agreement Interlayn (MITA)

Since December 31, 2001 the Rossiya Airlines are registered as the full member of the international organization of participants of the multilateral Agreement "Interlayn" (MEATH). Russia works within different commercial agreements with more than 100 Russian and foreign airlines.

2006: Federal State Unitary Enterprise GTP Rossiya: consolidation of Pulkovo and STC Russia

Federal State Unitary Enterprise State Transport Company Russia, integrated Pulkovo airlines and STC Russia, began accomplishment of flights under a uniform flag on October 29, 2006. This date became an important milestone, a reference point of modern history of the company. Consolidation took place in pursuance of the Decree of the Russian President No. 1119 of 8/24/2004 and Order of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 881 of 12/29/2004. The chronicle of the enterprise is inseparable from the history of Pulkovo and Russia airlines, each of which introduced the powerful deposit, having created the unique history of JSC Rossiya Airlines.

2007: Security audit of IOSA

According to the results of audit of operational security of the International Air Transport Association (IOSA – IATA Operational Safety Audit) in 2007 the airline was included in the register of operators of IOSA, and in 2013 underwent already the fourth audit. Rossiya Airlines – the owner of the uniform certificate of conformity of the quality management system (QMS) to requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

2011: Reorganization and entry into Aeroflot group

Federal State Unitary Enterprise STC Russia bylo preobrazovano v JSC Russia Airline. 28 yanvarya 2011 goda bylo zaregistrirovano Otkrytoye aktsionernoye obshchestvo Rossiya Airlines. This event became a result of reorganization of the company occurring according to the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of 7/10/2008 No. 1052, the order of Federal Agency for State Property Management of 5/26/2010 No. 132, the order of Territorial Department of Rosimushchestvo in the city of St. Petersburg of 1/21/2011 No. 27-r.

The joint-stock company became the universal successor and the owner of all rights and obligations of Federal State Unitary Enterprise STC Russia. Pulkovo is the basic airport of airline, is the separate structure which is not a part of Rossiya Airlines.

Since 2011 JSC Rossiya Airlines is included into Aeroflot group which cumulative passenger traffic at the end of year made 20 million passengers, i.e. about a third of all domestic air transportation. The main owners of the company are JSC Aeroflot and the Government of Saint Petersburg.