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Russia bank


JSC BANK ROSSIYA is universal financial credit institution. The bank implements all complex of banking services for corporate clients and individuals.

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+ Russia bank

JSC BANK ROSSIYA provides a complex of banking products and services to corporate and private clients. The bank has the general license for banking operations and also licenses of the professional participant of security market. General license of the Bank of Russia No. 328 of 9/3/2012.


For the beginning of 2019, the territorial network of Bank Rossiya includes 75 divisions in 34 regions of the country, including in Moscow, St. Petersburg, the Republic of Crimea and other subjects of the Russian Federation. In total the branch network of Bank includes 16 branches, 24 operational offices and 38 additional offices.

The banking group includes the companies of different sectors of economy.

2018: A+ (RU) rating

In February, 2018 the RAEX rating agency reviewed the rating of BANK ROSSIYA on new methodology and assigned score at the level of ruAA "Exclusively High (Highest) Level of Solvency", the forecast for rating – stable.

In August, 2018 the ACRA rating agency appropriated JSC BANK ROSSIYA credit rating of A+ (RU) with the forecast stabilny.

2017: The 13th place in Russia on the value of net assets

The bank is among the first 20 banks of the Russian Federation, at the end of 2017 on the value of net assets of JSC BANK ROSSIYA takes the 13th place in authoritative rating Interfax-100. Banki Rossii. The bank is included into the three of the largest banks of North-West Region of the Russian Federation.

2016: Card issue start World

In 2015 the Bank joined rules of the National Payment Card System, since 2016 emits bank cards of Mir payment system.

For April, 2016, the territorial network of Bank contains 22 branches operating in 25 regions of Russia including Moscow, St. Petersburg, the Republic of Crimea, etc. The bank is a member of the Association of Russian Banks and Banking association of the Northwest and in the activity follows standards of service according to the Code of banking activity.

2014: Sanctions of the USA

After the sanctions inflicted by the U.S. Government in March, 2014 Bank Rossiya passes to work only in the in-Russian market. In April, 2014 the Bank opened representation in Simferopol. For the end of 2018 in the territory of the Republic of Crimea twenty offices successfully work.

2012: Transfer of bank cards to own processing center

In September, 2012 the Bank completed the large-scale project on migration of bank cards on own processing center. Till this time the bank used services of third-party processing on the terms of outsourcing. Successful implementation of this project brings bank to qualitatively new service level of holders of plastic cards. The processing center of JSC BANK ROSSIYA provides safe storage of client data and high speed of passing of any transactions even at peak loads.

2010: Merger of Gazenergoprombank

In 2010 for the purpose of further expansion of activity, involvement of new strategic clients and gain of influence in the banking sector, shareholders of JSC BANK ROSSIYA made the decision on consolidation with Gazenergoprombank Ltd. On August 2, 2010 process of reorganization and consolidation with Gazenergoprombank Ltd was complete, and the structure continued work under a uniform brand of JSC BANK ROSSIYA. After the consolidation Bank reaches new qualitative level – the systemically important financial institution which is among recognized leaders of the bank industry, having considerable assets and a universal product line and services. The branch network of Bank is provided in the majority of regions of Russia, the companies – leaders of national economy belong to number of clients of Bank.

Since 2010 the Bank is included by the Federal Customs Service of Russia in the register of the banks and other credit institutions having rights of issue of bank guarantees of customs payment. The bank also implements the credit program of the subjects of the Russian Federation.

1990: Foundation of bank

JSC BANK ROSSIYA began work on June 27, 1990 in St. Petersburg and is one of the first Russian private banks.

At the first stage of the development the Bank functioned as the large financial and credit institute servicing the enterprises of the leading industries of the Russian economy provided in different regions of the country.