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Russian Academy of Sciences




+ Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS)

The Russian Academy of Sciences was created by the emperor Peter I and is the highest scientific institution of the Russian Federation.

Today 435 scientific institutions and also the organizations of scientific service and the social sphere are a part of RAS (the scientific fleet, network of libraries, the supercomputer center, a scientific and publishing complex, houses of scientists sanatoria, hospitals, etc.).

Main activities of Academy: carrying out basic and application studies for the benefit of Russia; integration of the academic, high school and industry science; participation in development of the state solutions on security issues of the country and development of scientific and technical progress; in development and examination of large scientific and technical projects, programs of economic and social development of Russia.

The academy performs broad international cooperation with scientists of 59 countries, is a member of many international scientific organizations, such as UNESCO, the European federation of national academies natural and the humanities (ALLEA), the International Association of Academies of Sciences (IAAS), etc.

The Russian Academy of Sciences is constructed by scientific industry and territorial principle and includes 11 specialized (on areas and the directions of science) and 3 regional departments (Siberian, Ural and Far East) and also 15 regional scientific centers in areas and the republics of the Russian Federation.

Total employment in the scientific organizations RAS makes about 96 thousand people, of them scientists – over 48 thousand. Including 531 academicians and 769 corresponding members of RAS, more than 10 thousand doctors and over 13 thousand candidates of science (given for the beginning of 2012). About 250 foreign members – outstanding scientists from 32 countries of the world are elected as a member of Academy. Many Russian scientists who are world-renowned are also honorary members of foreign academies and scientific organizations.

In RAS preparation of the scientific personnel of the top skills through a postgraduate study, doctoral studies and institute of trainees-researchers is conducted.

In recent years the innovation activity which purpose is creation of the structures aimed at implementation of results of researches actively develops in Academies. The innovation structures, such as Centers of a transfer of technologies, technoparks, incubators, etc. are created.