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Russian Association of Motor Insurers of RSA




The Russian Association of Motor Insurers (RAMI) is non-profit organization. Represents the uniform all-Russian professional association founded on the principle of obligatory membership of the insurers performing obligatory civil liability insurance of owners of vehicles, and operating for the purpose of ensuring their interaction and formation of rules of professional activity at implementation of compulsory insurance.

Information technologies in RSA

2020: Appointment of Olga Mordkovich as the Chief Digital Officer

On March 13, 2020 TAdviser it became known that the Chief Digital Officer Russian of the union motor insurers (RSA) it is appointed Olga Mordkovich. In more detail here.


2016: Total replacement of policies of the CMTPL

On February 11, 2016 it became known of an initiative of RSA of replacement since July 1, 2016 of policies of the CMTPL for all motorists. This date RSA will enter forms of policies for an output of forgeries from the address[1].

The decision was made on February 11, 2016 at a meeting of presidium of RSA. He was supported in Goznak and traffic police, the chief executive of RSA Evgeny Ufimtsev said.

"Road map" assumes that by July 1, 2016 it is single-step all forms will be replaced. This measure will allow to withdraw counterfeit policies from circulation whether and also will complicate a possibility of production of a new counterfeit and will set thinking insurers to buy now the counterfeit policy as after July 1 it should be purchased again.
Igor Jürgens

Details will not be disclosed till the last moment, he noted, and added: "none of drivers should incur additional expenses, costs of this exchange will lay down on insurers".

Parameters of forms are developed by Goznak. According to Ufimtsev, they will have an increased protection level. On date of publication of the message replacement mechanisms are in details not worked out.

Perhaps, some transient period during which citizens will be able to exchange the old form for new will be entered.

Providing support of the project the union achieved removal from delegation of 41 domain names, from its giving are blocked the 19th hosting accounts, violations are eliminated on 11 resources, 104 accounts in social networks are blocked, 73 groups on social networks are blocked, 2 advertisements in Yandex.Direct conducting on fraudulent resources are blocked 192 publications at forums and bulletin boards are deleted.

Some of their factors of minimization of distribution of counterfeits there has to be a collaboration from traffic police in verification of policies of the CMTPL using the system of automatic fixing of violations. Jürgens specified - at the initial stage of a pilot project at the drivers who allowed earlier violation of traffic regulations, policies will be checked.

2002: RSA organization

RSA is founded on August 8, 2002 by 48 largest insurance companies of the country, has state registration of October 14, 2002. RSA implements the activity according to the Federal law "About Obligatory Civil Liability Insurance of Owners of Vehicles" No. 40-FZ of 4/25/2002.