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Russian Football Premier League (RFPL)



For October, 2019 a core activity of the company is activity of sporting venues.


2020: Title partnership with Tinkoff Bank

On February 26, 2020 Tinkoff bank announced conclusion of an agreement about title partnership with the Russian Premier League.

The agreement is signed for a period of seasons 2019-2020, 2020-2021 and 2021-2022. The sports tournament in Russia, since February, 2020, will hereinafter be referred to as Tinkoff the Russian Premier League.

Within the agreement of Tinkoff will become the title sponsor of the Russian Premier League. The Tinkoff brand will be integrated into different sponsor's formats in TV-broadcastings, at stadiums where matches of RPL, on digital-platforms, etc. will be played.

We in Tinkoff with big enthusiasm made the decision to become the title partner of RPL to support the Russian soccer. We see in this partnership many opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation — including in terms of business and marketing integration,


We looked narrowly at the Russian soccer for a long time. At the same time we studied successful examples in Europe when private business became the title sponsor of the largest national championships. We understood that we can enrich the Russian soccer and clubs with interesting marketing integration too and to attract fans on stands. Therefore we are sure that it will be interesting and mutually advantageous partnership in terms of business.

We already developed the marketing integrated campaign which will allow us to increase loyalty of our existing clients for RPL and to attract additional. For example, in the cities and regions where there take place matches of RPL, we have already over 5 million clients. And we plan that their quantity will double during our contract with RPL.

The Russian football clubs as a result of our partnership will be able to receive additional channels for sale of tickets, a direct contact to relevant audience and access to marketing tools of all ecosystem of Tinkoff. For example — to the personalized targeted offers for clients on the basis of Big Data. They will be able to attract fans on stadiums via our marketing channels, we can help them to advance soccer as popular family leisure.

In the nearest future we start in the Tinkoff superapplication sale of tickets for sport with a cashback — fans will be able to buy tickets for soccer and other sports directly from the account in one click.

In an ecosystem of Tinkoff there is the tourist service, the mobile operator, etc. Football fans will be able to buy an avia and railway tickets for exit games, to armor hotels,