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Russian Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA)





+ Russian Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA)

The Russian Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA) is created by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of 9/20/2010 No. 1140 by accession to Academy of National Economy at the Government of the Russian Federation (ANH, year of establishment – 1977) the Russian academy of public service under the President of the Russian Federation (RAGS, year of establishment – 1991) and also 12 other federal state educational institutions. The integrated academies deserved reputation of leaders in preparation of the highest managerial personnel of the country both for business, and for government institutions. From the moment of the creation in 1977 the glory of "a smithy of ministers" firmly was assigned to ANH. To the beginning of economic conversions in Russia in the 90th of the 20th century there was a change of a strategy pattern of Academy: from preparation of the nomenclature personnel the university passed to business education, having become the educational institution offering all types of educational services for management spheres. RAGS founded in 1991 took positions of the leading educational institution training managers for the system of the public and municipal service.

Again formed Academy under the President of the Russian Federation – a RANEPA – the largest in Russia and Europe the university of a social and economic and humanitarian profile by right holding top lines in all national ratings. The decree of the Russian President of 7/7/2011 the No. 902 Academy has the right to set independently educational standards and requirements for the educational programs of higher education implemented by her.


2019: The memorandum with Huawei on joint development of educational initiatives

On June 6, 2019 the company Huawei reported that together with the Russian academy of national economy and state services at the President RUSSIAN FEDERATION concluded the memorandum of understanding.

The agreement was signed the CEO of Huawei in Eurasia Aiden At, and the rector of a RANEPA Vladimir Mau.

The memorandum is directed to cooperation between Huawei and a RANEPA on joint development of the educational initiatives based on modern information and communication technologies. In particular, the organizations expressed interest in joint training for implementation of the state program "Digital economy", holding lectures and master classes for training of CDTO and also the international information cooperation. For achievement of these purposes of Huawei and a RANEPA will adjust exchange of experience in the field of the training of specialists of the different industries based on modern ICT. The international exchange of students and employees will be organized. Mutual consultations on the international activity are planned.

We are very glad to conclude the memorandum with the Russian academy of national economy and public service. Russia is known for the bright scientific potential, and, considering that one of the main priorities of Huawei company are a continuous scientific research, we will be glad to bring cooperation with one of leading universities of the country to higher level and together to make a contribution as in promotion of the ICT industry,
told Aiden At, the CEO of Huawei in the region Eurasia

Rapid digitalization of all spheres of life is the most important trend of the modern world. The presidential academy has considerable experience in network training of highly qualified personnel for public administration in the conditions of digital transformation. We successfully implement the program of advanced training "The head of digital transformation" within whom in 2019 we will train 13000 specialists. It is sure that joint experience of a RANEPA and global technology giant - Huawei will allow to bring development of educational programs in the conditions of digital economy to qualitatively other level, to prepare future leaders of technology break of our country,


2018: Opening of rates on management of digital transformation for officials

On October 18, 2018 the Russian Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA) with assistance of ANO Tsifrovaya economika and in cooperation with Analytical center at the Government, Centre for Strategic research, Sberbank and other companies will open the program of advanced training for the government employees of regional and federal level responsible for digital development and conversions within the Digital Economy national project, so-called Chief Digital Transformation Officer (CDTO). On October 15 reported about it to TAdviser in ANO Tsifrovaya economika.

Training will include daily team work on development of management decisions in logic of economy of data and additional online tasks for modeling of cases of digital transformation. For development of cases on occupations possibilities of use of end-to-end technologies of digital economy will be studied: Big Data, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, virtual reality and others.

For government employees training will be free. The training course will make six days, and then within a month government employees will pass the online module. During this time competences CDTO will receive on five people from 40 regions of Russia, i.e. in total 200 people. The second set is planned in the spring of 2019, already for a flow from 800 people.

Our students are not just heads from regions, and conductors of uniform policy of digital development. Thanks to the program they will be able to provide implementation of regional projects of digital transformation according to project objectives and actions of the national program "Digital Economy", and a number of the general blocks for federal and regional government employees will help to create really identical understanding of the principles of digital development — Maria Shklyaruk directing development of the RANEPA program emphasized.

We consider training of leaders of digital transformation one of the key directions of development of digital economy in the country. Within our work with regions we already collected a large number of cases of successfully performed conversions and are glad that we can support the RANEPA program including methodically — having shared the advanced practicians — Andrey Selsky, the director of the Personnel and Education direction of ANO Tsifrovaya economika told.

According to the results of training government employees will receive skills of work with data, creations of divisions and project teams, project development and documents, strategic planning in the field of digital transformation. Management of organizational changes, communicative and leadership skills, the solution of semistructured tasks, systems and critical thinking and digital skills will become competences CDTO.