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Russian association of Internet of Things






The Association of Internet of Things (AIT) and the National Association of the Industrial Internet (NAII) integrate under the leadership of the director of AIV Andrey Kolesnikov. Work on consolidation NAPI and AIV is conducted. Whether two associations will be united in one legal person, it is not specified. At the same time members of NAPI elected Andrey Kolesnikov to a post of the director of association.


Announced SAP CIS in April, 2017 the accession to the Russian Association of Internet of Things founded by the Fund of Development of Internet Initiatives (FDII) and MSTU of Bauman. The company will take part in projects of Association, from educational programs before support and creation of joint solutions with the Russian teams.


The association of participants of the market of Internet of Things (AIV) began work in December, 2016 at the initiative of Internet Initiatives Development Fund and MSTU of N.E. Bauman. Members are 57 organizations, including MTS, MegaFon, ER-Telecom, MSTU, MIREA, MIET, NIITS, Kaspersky Lab, SAP CIS, etc.

The Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF) together with the Moscow State Technical University (MSTU) of N.E. Bauman created the Russian association of Internet of Things. Kolesnikov Andrey who directed the Coordination center of the national domain of the Internet (CC) earlier is elected its chairman.

In Russia there is already a National association of participants of the market of the industrial Internet created by Rostelecom and designed to deal just with issues of Internet of Things. Kolesnikov says that this association – niche and is concentrated on narrow questions of the industrial Internet. "But without solution of a question, basic for all industries, with the general standards and compatibility in the current zoo of technologies to hope for fast advance in any of sectors just fondly", - A. Kolesnikov[1] considers[2].

The association headed by Kolesnikov – cross-industry, in it there will be "both plants, and peasants, and startups, and scientific institutions". "The association is a platform on which different participants integrate one subject and the general tasks, - the head of association explains. - With all these layers – sensors, hubs, transmission media of data, clouds, regulation, laws, radio frequencies, etc. All this will "cook" in "a big boiler". And as at everyone an opportunity in this "boiler" will cook and work, offer the some things and a know-how, at the exit we will be able to gain specific positive effect".

For the big company the contribution will make 400 thousand rubles a year, for the small company and non-profit organization – 50 thousand rubles a year. For startups the size the contribution will make only 10 thousand rubles a year, and for the scientific organizations participation in association will be free. Besides, in association the advisory board which will be able to include public authorities will be created.

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  2. and. Was engaged in the Russian Federation in Internet of Things]