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Russian oncological scientific center of N.N. Blochin


3500 employees in 2017


Federal State Budgetary Institution National Medical Research Center of Oncology of N.N. Blochin Ministry of Health Russia is a legal successor of the Council of Ministers of the USSR created by the Resolution of October 22, 1951 of Institute of experimental pathology and therapy of cancer the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences.

Oncology NMITs of N.N. Blochin has three branches: The Altai branch in Barnaul, the Volga branch in the Republic of Tatarstan and the Research and production branch "Naukoprofi" located in Moscow. Based on the center 8 departments of medical academies and the universities work.

The structure of the center includes five divisions:

  • The research institute of clinical oncology (for adult patients) expected 850 beds
  • The research institute of children's oncology and hematology expected 150 beds
  • The research institute of clinical and experimental radiology expected 50 beds
  • The research institute of carcinogenesis including 16 laboratories
  • The research institute of experimental diagnostics and therapy of tumors including 15 laboratories

Core activities:

  • rendering competent medical care by the patient with malignant new growths and pretumoral pathology;
  • carrying out scientific research in the field of studying of biology of a tumor cell, mechanisms of carcinogenesis and a tumoral progression (molecular, virologic, chemical and physical, genetic, cellular, immunological aspects);
  • exploratory and clinical development of new technologies in the field of surgical treatment of malignant tumors;
  • development of new means and methods of diagnostics, the medicinal, beam and combined therapy and also active prevention of tumors;
  • development of questions of diagnostics, treatment and prevention in the field of children's oncology;
  • studying of epidemiology of malignant tumors, improvement of methods of oncological statistics;
  • implementation of new devices and technologies in medical and diagnostic process and for prevention of malignant new growths;
  • preparation of the scientific and medical personnel through an internship, a postgraduate study, doctoral studies and in the system of additional professional education.

Staff of the center conducts extremely significant researches in the field of experimental and clinical oncology. In the center all existing types of the oncological help are provided.