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SK Rosgosstrakh life (before Ergo Zhizn)





SK Rosgosstrakh Zhizn LLC (before Ergo of life) is subsidiary of PJSC SK Rosgosstrakh.


2019: Renaming in "Rosgosstrakh life"

The Ergo Life company was renamed into SK Rosgosstrakh zhizn LLC. In March, 2020 the CEO of Rosgosstrakh Nikolaus Frei reported about it.

According to him, the Rosgosstrakh group was left without the insurer of life in 2017 when Rosgosstrakh passed under control of FC Otkritie bank. The company on life insurance "RGS life" which until the end of 2016 belonged to the former main owner of Rosgosstrakh Danila Hachaturovu was not included into the transaction. In September, 2018 "life" is renamed by RGS into "The capital Life life insurance".

The Ergo Life brand will leave the market, Frei noted, at the same time the company under the name "Rosgosstrakh Life" will continue to fulfill obligations under current agreements.[1]

2018: Acquisition by Rosgosstrakh

At the end of 2018 the Ergo Life company was purchased by Rosgosstrakh.