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System Operator of the Unified Energy System of SO UES


Since 2008
Central Federal District of the Russian Federation
109074, Kitaigorodsky Drive, 7, building 3

The "System Operator of the Unified Energy System" (JSC SO UES) open joint stock company is the specialized organization solely exercising the centralized supervisory control in the Power pool system of Russia.

Government of the Russian Federation - 100%




+ SO UES - System Operator of the Unified Energy System

Structure of Society

  • News agency with the central supervisory control (CSC)
  • 7 Interconnected dispatching offices (IDO)
  • 51 regional dispatching office (RDO)
  • 14  representations

Main objectives and functions of the System operator

Main objectives

  • management of technology operation modes of objects  of UES of Russia in real time
  • ensuring perspective  development  of UES of Russia
  • ensuring  unity and effective operation of technology mechanisms  wholesale and retail markets of electrical energy and power

The system operator represents the top level of a system of supervisory control and performs:

  • management of technology operation modes of power generation facilities in the order set by the basic provisions of functioning of wholesale market and rules of wholesale market approved by the Government of the Russian Federation;
  • observance of the set parameters of reliability of functioning of the Power pool system of Russia and quality of electrical energy;
  • regulation of frequency of electric current, ensuring functioning of a system of automatic control of frequency of electric current and power, system and antiabnormal automatic equipment;
  • participation in the organization of activities for production forecasting and consumption in the field of power industry, production forecasting and consumption in the field of power industry and participation in process of formation of a reserve of production power facilities;
  • approval of an output in repair and from operation of objects of power grid economy and power facilities for production of electrical and thermal energy and also their input after repair and in operation;
  • issue to subjects of power industry and to consumers of electrical energy with the managed loading of the operational dispatching commands and orders, obligatory for execution, connected with implementation of functions of the system operator;
  • development of optimal daily working schedules of power plants and electric networks of the Power pool system of Russia;
  • organization and management of the modes of parallel operation of the Russian electrical power system and electrical power systems of the foreign states (Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Latvia, Lithuania, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Estonia);
  • participation in formation and issue of production requirements when joining the subjects of power industry to the single national (all-Russian) electric network and territorial distribution networks ensuring their functioning as a part of the Power pool system of Russia;
  • control of timely and proper implementation of investment programs of the generation companies created based on trade in power;
  • monitoring of the actual technical condition and level of operation of power generation facilities.

Since 2008 the System operator is allocated a number of additional powers on control of implementation of priority investment projects in power industry of Russia.

Information technologies

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