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SafeData Data storage center



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+ SafeData - the Data storage center


"Data storage center" represents the Safedata group which is the operator of network of data centers. Since 2017 100% of stocks are owned by Rostelecom.

For October, 2016 the Safedata group included the following companies:

In 2007-2010 the group step by step constructed and Moscow-I, with the stated level of TIER 3, located at the address Moscow, Ostapovsky Drive, 22 put into operation data center. This data center meets the requirements of the TIER 3 level of TIA-942 standard and belongs to the category of the centers of storage and data processing with the protected network infrastructure. The center is intended for customer service with high requirements to reliability of functioning of the equipment, capacity of communication channels and data protection.

In January, 2014 in cooperation with the Russian Scientific Center "Kurchatov Institute" the second data center Moscow-II which also meets the requirements of the TIER 3 level of international standard TIA-942 is put into operation.

The company provides full range of services on placement and lease of IT resources (collocation, a hosting, lease of the selected and virtual servers, custodial services of data and virtualization, IaaS and SaaS) and also services in the organization of Internet access.



Rostelecom buys in addition 49.9% of SafeData for 2.2 billion rubles

The Rostelecom company announced in March approval by Board of Directors of the transaction on acquisition additional 49.9% of shares of the SafeData group. As a result of the transaction which cost is 2,255 million rubles the company will bring the share of ownership in the SafeData group to 100%.

According to representatives of telecommunication company, attractiveness of the transaction is connected with an opportunity to purchase full control over the growing business at the price which is not considering the potential of implementation of new perspective projects including constructions of mega-DPC in Udomlya.

After completion of the transaction in 2015 about Rostelecom of 49.9% of stocks TsHD remained with TsHD-Invest. By data "Contour-Focus" (January, 2015), this structure at this time completely belonged to the Cyprus offshore of Brennen Investmnets. Its shareholders, according to Mnit Global base, are three other offshores: the Cyprian Texwood and also Bromley Enterprises and First Digital International from the British Virgin Islands.

Earlier among beneficiaries of Safedata in media Mikhail Margolin and Pavel Kaplunov were called. At the beginning of the 2000th years they directed the RTK-Leasing company supplying telecommunication equipment to Rostelecom. Then Margolin and Kaplunov created the Start-Telecom company which entered later into the MTT group.

Also in a shareholding structure of the company there was Andrey Cheglakov earlier (till 2014).


Rostelecom takes 50.1% of shares of Safedata

In January, 2015 the Board of Directors of Rostelecom approved acquisition of the Safedata group (the legal entity - "Data storage center", TsHD) which enterprises render services in data storage areas, content deliveries and exchange of Internet traffic. The transaction is planned from two stages: on the first of them Rostelecom redeems 5.4% of shares TsHD for 104 million rubles.

At the second stage Rostelecom will enter 1.73 billion rubles to the capital of TsHD that will allow to increase its share to control - 50.1%. Thus, Rostelecom in total pays 1.83 billion rubles for Safedata. The means received from Rostelecom should be directed to construction of a new data processing center and decrease in a debt load of Safedata.

The main activity of Safedata are the data processing centers (DPC). At this time the group owns two data centers Moscow-I and Moscow-II corresponding to the Tier-3 level. Moscow-II takes the second place in the rating of the largest DPCs on quantity put into operation in 2013-2014 with firmness - places, the made CNews Analytics.

Also through "Center of Technologies of Interaction of Networks" (CTIN) company of Safedata about 25% of stocks in operator of content delivery Ngenix (the legal entity - SST) and the platform for exchange of MSK-IX Internet traffic ("The center of interaction of computer networks MCK-IX") own.

Initially the co-owner of sport center Olympic Dmitry Shumkov was a partner of Safedata in CNIT. But for January, 2015, according to Contour-Focus base, TsHD is the only participant of CNIT.

Rostelecom specified what by the time of completion of the transaction of Safedata will increase the share in MSK-IX to 51%.

"Purchase of SafeData allows Rostelecom to strengthen the market position of data centers and to take the leading positions in segments of exchange of traffic and content deliveries, - the president of Rostelecom Sergey Kalugin explained. - The transaction will help to pass quickly to the federal scale of transactions in the market of storage and distribution of content. Attractiveness of SafeData consists in its unique competitive position – the company is the only player in the market combining businesses in three main segments - DPCs, exchange of traffic and content delivery".

Earlier the Federal Antimonopoly Service approved two petitions on purchase of TsHD at once: from Rostelecom and from his partner - "Gazprom of Asset management" (GUA, "subsidiary" of Gazprombank). It was planned that Rostelecom will have a control over Safedata, and the remained packet - at GUA. But as a result of GUA refused participation in the transaction.

After completion of the transaction about Rostelecom of 49.9% of stocks TsHD will remain with the current owner of the company - TsHD-Invest. By data "Contour-Focus", this structure completely belongs to the Cyprus offshore of Brennen Investmnets. Its shareholders, according to Mnit Global base, are three other offshores: the Cyprian Texwood and also Bromley Enterprises and First Digital International from the British Virgin Islands.

Earlier among beneficiaries of Safedata in media Mikhail Margolin and Pavel Kaplunov were called. At the beginning of the 2000th years they directed the RTK-Leasing company supplying telecommunication equipment to Rostelecom. Then Margolin and Kaplunov created the Start-Telecom company which entered later into the MTT group.

The source of CNews in the Internet market notes that Margolin and Kaplunov - professionals in the field of buying up of assets for the purpose of their further resale, and Shumkov was necessary for them as the financial partner for acquisition of a share in MSK-IX. "The question of the one who will control so important strategic asset as MSK-IX repeatedly rose in power structures", - the interlocutor of CNews[1] says[1].

For January, 2015 the post of the CEO of SafeData Group was held by Dmitry Kalganov. It was supposed that after the transaction Pavel Kaplunov will become the new CEO of the company.

Audit of BSI on compliance to ISO 27001

The information security management system of Safedata company — operator of data processing centers — is certified by the international auditors of British Standards Institution on compliance to requirements of the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard.

The British Standards Institute (British Standards Institution, BSI) issued Safedata companies the certificate "An information security management system — ISO/IEC 27001:2013". The certificate received by the company confirms a full compliance to requirements of the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard of an information security management system for process of placement of the client server hardware in machine halls of data centers Safedata, noted in Deiteriy.


FAS approves a company takeover Rostelecom

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) approved the transaction on acquisition of 50.1% of stocks of Centre Hraneniya Dannykh LLC by Rostelecom (data centers of Safedata group) in October, 2014. Sources in the market note that the operator expands the presence in the market of data centers in anticipation of entry into force of the act of the Russian Federation on data storage of the Russian users in the territory of the country.

According to the USRLE, 100% of stocks of Centre Hraneniya Dannykh LLC the Cyprus company possesses Brannen investments limited. The authorized capital of an asset is 188 million rubles. Information from anonymous sources appeared in media that the offshore is affiliated with the lawyer Dmitry Shumkov.

Rostelecom refused comments. The source familiar with information told TelecomDaily that together with the SafeData "Rostelecom" group is going to implement the project on creation of network of storage and distribution of content of federal scale, including geographically distributed network of the centers of processing and data storage (DPC) integrating them communication channels, points of exchange of traffic, the systems of content delivery and also the system of protection against network attacks and traffic observation.

It should be noted that at the end of September, 2014 approval on purchase of 100% of "Data storage center" was got by Gazprombank-Asset Management. The source confirmed to TelecomDaily that Rostelecom conducts negotiations on the option with Gazprombank.

Experts note that purchase is caused by increase in demand for services of data centers, points of exchange of traffic and content delivery, in connection with the legislative initiative, obliging the western companies to store data on the Russian users in the territory of the Russian Federation since January 1, 2015. Creation of data center is "from scratch" not profitable as on it not less than one and a half years can be required. For this term the corresponding niche will be engaged at the market of data centers.

"The transaction is necessary for Rostelecom for possible creation of joint venture in online video segment between it and Gazprom Media, - the analyst Investkaf Timur Nigmatullin states one more version. - Development of media assets will help Rostelecom to monetize in addition a subscriber base of paid TV due to positive synergy effect. For example, it will allow to expand significantly functionality available now for Rostelecom of the portal and, respectively, service of interactive TV".

This summer one more company SafeData - "Center of Technologies of Interaction of Networks" - invested in the Russian operator of content delivery networks (CDN) NGENIX and received the main share block. Analysts noted that these investments promoted development of a cloud platform of CDN for transfer on the Internet of video, etc.

It is supposed that the transaction will pass in two stages. At first Rostelecom will purchase 5.4% of authorized capital of SafeData from the Cyprian Brennen Investments Ltd for 104.2 million rubles. Then will enter 1.73 billion rubles therefore the share of Rostelecom in Ltd company will make 50.1% to authorized capital of Ltd company. The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) already approved this transaction. The chairman of the board of directors of SafeData Pavel Kaplunov expects that it will be closed until the end of the year.

Funds deposited by Rostelecom in authorized capital of SafeData will go for construction of the third data center (400 million rubles) and also for bringing to control SafeData of shares in Ngenix subsidiary companies (the operator of a content delivery network, SST LLC) and MSK-IX (the largest center of exchange of traffic in Russia) — in the amount about 380 million rubles and also for debt repayment of SafeData on 945 million rubles.

According to Kommersant, before the transaction of purchase by Rostelecom at the end of 2014 100% of SafeData are estimated at 1.93 billion rubles, and after the redemption of a share Brennen and entering into authorized capital of SafeData of 1.73 billion rubles the group will cost 3.7 billion rubles.

In three years after closing of the transaction of the party agreed "initiate the IPO".

According to a source of Kommersant, in case of the IPO Rostelecom will acquire privilege of redemption of stocks of SafeData to retain control. If the IPO in the appointed time does not take place, then within four years after closing of the transaction Rostelecom will be obliged to redeem a share of minority shareholders (49.9%) of SafeData "at market value". The IPO is possible at the Moscow Exchange, but such transaction is reasonable if capitalization of SafeData reaches $200 million, the employee of foreign investment fund says.

"Rostelecom estimates capitalization of SafeData after the transaction at $70 million. It is incredibly difficult to treble this indicator in three years in the current market" — he considers.

However, the CEO of DataLine Yury Samoylov is sure, Rostelecom will provide growth of business of SafeData thanks to state orders. According to Kommersant, in Rostelecom expect to create the storage area network and transfers of content of federal scale based on SafeData and also to develop the systems of protection against network attacks and control over Internet traffic.

"Data storage center" for 100% is controlled by the kirpsky Brennen Investments Ltd belonging, according to Kommersant, to five citizens of the Russian Federation. Names only of two of them — Pavel Kaplunov and the commercial director of SafeData Mikhail Margolin, at them approximately on 15% of stocks are officially known. Summer of 2015 Moussa Bazhaev's partner, the owner of Olympic Stadium Dmitry Shumkov became the shareholder of child Ngenix and MSK-IX. He refuses to answer a question whether it is a co-owner of SafeData. Besides, the senior vice president of Rostelecom Andrey Cheglakov appeared one of owners of SafeData earlier, but it left number of shareholders more than a year ago, Pavel Kaplunov told.

"Andrey Cheglakov was not the founder of SafeData, at some stage it was attracted as the financial investor of the company" —[2] noted[2].

According to the representative of Rostelecom Kira Kiryukhina, in the transaction with SafeData "there is no affiliation" as Andrey Cheglakov is not a shareholder. She added that SafeData is selected by Rostelecom "by studying of all market of the centers of data exchange".

Start of service of lease of virtual work places

On July 14, 2014 the SafeData company announced start of new service – leases of virtual work places (VDI). The service of VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) assumes providing virtual work places to the customer based on computing powers of SAFEDATA company. At service acquisition a certain quantity of virtual work places from the installed OS of the Microsoft Windows family, with set, depending on the selected rate, parameters is provided to the customer in lease. Virtual work places are placed on the SAFEDATA server platform in own data center and represent the virtual machines working on the virtualization platform of jobs of VMware Horizon View. The service of VDI is constructed according to the IaaS model (Infrastructure as a Service) and enters a packet of cloud services of SFCLOUD.

Clients of SafeData are such companies as MASTERHOST, IBS Datafort, AKADO, the Hosting Center and also banks and the enterprises.

2013: Revenue at the end of year 352 million rub

Revenue of TsHD for 2013, by data SPARK-Interfax, made 351.7 million rubles, net profit — 38.7 million rubles. The size of obligations — 470 million rubles.

According to CNews (January, 2015), Safedata group turnover in 2013 was stated as 800 million rubles.

2011: The commercial director Anton Platonov leaves the company

On February 28, 2011 Anton Platonov, the commercial director of Data storage SafeData company, officially announced leaving from the post to get to work in the StoreData company headed by it. Anton Alekseyevich connects the transition to a position of the CEO of StoreData and the termination of cooperation with SafeData company with personal plans concerning further development of StoreData company and the perspective direction in construction of provaydero-independent (carrier-neutral) data centers in Russia.

2010: Sergey Shurshalin leaves the CEO's post

Till 2010 Shurshalin Sergey Borisovich worked as the CEO of the company.

2008: Start of service of a virtual dedicated server

In November, 2008 clients of the Moscow data processing center of SafeData had an opportunity to use the new service "the Virtual Dedicated Server" (Virtual dedicated server, VDS) constructed on ideology of resource sharing of one server between several users.

VDS is full Unix system (FreeBSD stable). The closest analog of VDS can be considered the standard dedicated server (dedicated server) placed on the technical platform of DPC and connected by dedicated connection to the Internet. When using VDS clients of data center have an opportunity of full access to the server at the guaranteed isolation from other clients.

On VDS the client can place primary-and secondary-servers of the domains without additional costs, at the same time the quantity of the placed zones is limited only to disk space of the client and also, to set any software (including packages and ports FreeBSD) standard, for Unix systems, methods.

Acquisition of this service allows to reduce costs due to more rational use of the equipment and resources of service staff and in general provides: full access to a system, rights of the root user; unlimited number of the websites, databases, domain zones, ssh/ftp/email-users; complete isolation from other clients of hosting provider; ISPmanager Lite or Professional control panel; administration of a VDS system (by default, for the benefit of the client, technical specialists of SafeData set Exim on 1 domain, Apache, ftp, MySQL, PostgreSQL); FreeBSD or other OS.

2007: Opening of data center on 2000 sq.m and 550 racks

In September, 2007 the Data storage center company put into operation one of the most modern data centers in Moscow, meeting all requirements of international standards (TIA-942), being the center of storage and data processing (DPC) with the protected network infrastructure for customer service with high requirements to reliability of functioning of the equipment, capacity of Internet channels and data protection.

Infrastructure of the operating data center is constructed according to international standard TIA-942, the total area of premises more than 2000 sq.m, capacity - up to 550 server cabinets. Based on researches of Modern Telecommunications company, the Data storage center company is included into the top ten of operating companies of commercial data centers.

2006: ISG starts the SafeData project

The SafeData company is created in 2006. Initially SafeData was the project of ISG IT company. Future CEO of SafeData in 2007-2008 was the operating officer in ISG company.