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Safe Information Area (Bison)




In March, 2016 Sberbank founded Safe Information Area subsidiary company (the short name – Bison), the leading activity in the field of cybersecurity. Its tasks is the analysis of a situation in the world in the field of cyberthreats, testing of all systems of Sberbank regarding their vulnerability and also the examination connected with cyberrisks. This company also gives support for work of uniform operational Information Security Center (Security Operation Center, SOC) of Sberbank.

Bison is included testing of the systems of Sberbank regarding their vulnerability into tasks and also the examination connected with cyberrisks. "Bison" works in partnership with banks and insurance companies. The company specializes in identification of cases of a phishing and violations of the rights of financial credit institutions.

2016: "Subsidiary" of Sberbank will acquire the right to block phishing sites

"The safe information area" ("Bison") which is child structure of Sberbank, the right to razdeligirovat (to switch off) the websites if via them theft of passwords or money is performed can provide the coordination center of the national domain of the Internet (CC). About it media were told by the head of CC Andrey Vorobyevpo [1].

"Now Bison demands a razdeligirovaniye of domains or through law enforcement agencies, or through already accredited organizations. But it costly on time. Why to work with it through the intermediary when the efficiency of blocking is important, they can do it", - Vorobyov told.

According to him, for transfer of such rights of CC to Bison it intends to use point 5.7 "Rules of registration of domain names in the zone .ru and" .rf" where it is said that the registrar has the right to stop delegation of the domain which is used for a phishing, spread of viruses or materials with a child pornography". In this case Bison will act as the "competent organization" defining what should deactivate the domain.

In Russia fight against the prohibited and dangerous information on the Internet in parallel is performed by several departments. Roskomnadzor, - Federal Drug Control Service, detection of materials with promotion of a suicide and detection of information, unhealthy children, - Rospotrebnadzor is engaged in information search in illegal drug trafficking and their promotion in identification of pornographic materials. The Federal Tax Service is engaged in gamblings, and the State Office of Public Prosecutor reveals extremist materials on the Internet. At the same time delegation of the domain can be stopped by either Management "K" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, or the State Office of Public Prosecutor.