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Samsung Electronics


Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. — one of world technology leaders in the field of semiconductors, telecommunication equipment and digital convergence.

Citibank - 7,35%
Samsung Life Insurance - 6,48%
Samsung Group
Treasury shares - 12%, almost all other actions – in free circulation.


Revenue and Net Profit billions $

Number of employees
2009 year



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The history of Samsung Electronics a unique example of successful business on these innovations.

Structure of the company

As of January, 2020 as a part of Samsung Electronics corporation three main divisions function:

  • Consumer Electronics: TVs, monitors, printers, conditioners, home appliances;
  • IT & Mobile Communications: computers, phones, digital cameras;
  • Device Solutions: two divisions — semiconductor (makes chips of memory and processors) and display include (releases screens for electronics).
  • Harman (production of audio equipment under the Harman brand).

Business in Russia

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Performance Indicators

2020: Decline of revenue by 5% to 230.4 trillion wons

In 2019 revenue of Samsung reached 230.4 trillion wons ($195.6 billion) that is 5% less, than the previous year. Decrease is connected first of all with recession in the market of chips of memory.

Income was reduced against the background of the continuing reduction of prices of memory cells and weakening of the market of panels of information display. Increase in demand for memory cells for servers and mobile devices and also stable sales of flagman models of smartphones helped to compensate decrease in year revenue, says Samsung.

Financial performance of Samsung

Added to corporations that macroeconomic and geopolitical problems show signs of easing, but Samsung does not exclude deterioration in a situation.

The semiconductor division completed 2019 with the turnover which dropped by 25% — up to 64.94 trillion wons. Income from implementation of memory decreased even stronger — by 31% to 50.22 trillion wons.

The division of IT & Mobile Communications at the end of 2019 received revenue in the amount of 107.27 trillion wons, having increased by 7% concerning the 2018th. Directly mobile business brought the companies of 102.33 trillion wons of revenue that for 6% exceeds an indicator of year prescription.

In division on release of consumer electronics of sale in 2019 increased by 6% and reached 44.76 trillion wons. The Harman company added 10.08 trillion wons to revenue of Samsung that for 14% exceeds result of 2018.

The net profit of Samsung in 2019 was cut approximately by half and was 21.74 trillion wons ($18.5 billion). Profit in semiconductor division was reduced more than three times and was 14.02 trillion wons.

The annual profit of IT & Mobile Communications was equal to 9.27 trillion wons against 10.17 trillion wons of the profits locked at the end of 2018. The division of consumer electronics registered profit increase from 2.02 to 2.61 trillion wons.