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Moscow plant Sapphire




"The Moscow plant 'Sapfir'" is more than 70 years the serial producer of light-wave devices conducting in Russia. At the plant semiconductor IK-photodetectors and photoreceiving devices on the basis of Si, Ge, InSb and CdHgTe intended for the systems of thermovision, heatdirection finding, the systems of automatic equipment of military and civil application are issued. According to the program of conversion since 1985 development and production of the advanced medical equipment for clinical and out-patient trials is begun.

Infrastructure of the Russian scientific-industrial complex, includes net production premises of 7.5 thousand sq.m., factory on production of the deionized water, the autonomous center of power and gas supply, an end-to-end system of utilization of production waste and also the center of design and research laboratories for the key directions of nanotechnologies. Project implementation Angstrem T will allow to substitute import integrated circuits in key industries of the industry and also will serve development of the Russian instrument making.