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SberUp (Sberap)



The internal accelerator of SberUp — the program in which any employee of Sberbank can get support for creation of own IT business — is carried out already for the second time. Any employee of Sberbank, including territorial banks and subsidiary companies of an ecosystem can become the participant of an accelerator.


2019: Results of the second set of an accelerator of SberUp: Sberbank will invest in 5 startups

On July 26, 2019 Sberbank announced summing up the second set of an internal corporate accelerator of SberUp. Within carrying out the Demo day nine best teams submitted the projects to jury under the chairmanship of German Gref and top managers of Sberbank and Russian venture capital company.


Sberbank will invest in four projects created by own employees and will become the owner of 10% of stocks in each of them. One more project is going to be developed as the internal direction in bank.

The Quick dining room company will receive investments on development of the solution on automation of work of cashiers in institutions of public catering which allows to distinguish food on a tray using cameras and algoritmaiskusstvenny intelligence, and then to transfer data to cash desk and the terminal.

The Sberzaryad company uses investments on development of a product of hour, daily lease or purchase of portable chargers (powerbanok) for recharge of electronic gadgets in Sberbank branches or points of partners.

The Hurma company attracted investments on a cloud service of assessment and selection of highly effective employees on mass vacancies using artificial intelligence.

The VanLav company provided AI-service for acquaintances which will help people to find to itself(himself) ideal pair by means of artificial intelligence and also to select the most suitable place and a subject for appointments.

The Help4Good company provided the service integrating the families with adopted children which appeared in a difficult life situation with the private philanthropists, funds and shops providing preferential terms on purchase of goods and services by the person in need. The company will be able to continue to develop the startup in division of retail business of Sberbank.

the Second wave of a corporate accelerator attracted 2.5 times more than requests from teams of employees, and it to us very important indicator. We develop and we maintain entrepreneurial spirit among own employees, and are ready to act as the partner of startups which can bring real benefit to people, the companies and society,


All announced projects can be separated on the industries: on the first place — FinTech and services for business, are the share of them on 30% of all stated services; on the second place — education and family (20%); the third place — eHealth; about 5% of a total quantity of requests were the share of Lifestyle and eCommerce.

During an accelerator participants were trained, adopted examination from the taken place entrepreneurs, developed MVP and tried to obtain its first real sales. Seminars and industry consultations took place in off-duty hours that startups could not be prevented from the main working. The final was reached by nine strongest teams.

Sberbank involved Business incubator of the HSE in development of the program of acceleration. It is the Russia's first, Europe's second and world's seventh business incubator on work with the startups which are at an early stage of development.

1600 applications — 2.5 times more, than in 2018 were submitted to this set. For start of the program there were 80 projects, to an accelerator got — 35. Within 13 weeks of a command managed to pass a way from the idea to MVP and the first sales. The accelerator purpose — to help employees with creation from scratch of projects which can become a part of an ecosystem of bank within Strategy 2020.