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Sberbank-Service Sberservice


Sberbank-Service is engaged in service of IT infrastructure, ATMs and terminals of Sberbank.

Sberbank of Russia

7000 employees in 2019


Sberbank-Service was formed in 2013 and became the second large IT company of Sberbank after "Sberbank-Technologies". The company specializes on service of IT infrastructure, ATMs and terminals of Sberbank. Before it were delivered three the main KPI – increase in availability of systems, increases in customer satisfaction and quality improvement of service.

Sberbank explained creation of own IT companies with the aspiration to increase efficiency of internal IT projects. Practice of creation of own technology divisions in the large companies is observed also in the world market. So, the car maker General Motors announced transfer to the state about 3 thousand employees of HP who were involved in IT projects of the company.



  • In staff of the company more than 7,000 highly professional engineers work. The company services more than 2 million items of equipment: POS terminals, office and mobile jobs, printers and MFP, ATMs and information payment terminals, servers and storage systems, management systems for queue.
  • The Sberservice is certified on compliance to international quality standards of a management system for ISO/IES 20000-1:2011 services and information security of ISO/IES 27001.
  • The Sberservice is the authorized partner in maintenance of Toshiba authorized by the service center Evotor authorized by the partner of Lexmark, Brother, Epson, Oracle registered by the partner of Cisco, the business partner of HPE, the certified partner of Zabbix, the service partner of Olivetti, Huawei and other vendors.

Signing of the memorandum with Gazinformservice

On August 30, 2019 Gazinformservice and Sberservice signed the memorandum of cooperation. Signing of the document took place in the presence of the acting the Governor of Saint Petersburg Alexander Beglov and the Chairman of the Committee on informatization and communication of the Government of Saint Petersburg Denis Chamara.

Alexey Yevtushenko and Valery Pustarnakov sign the memorandum
Alexey Yevtushenko and Valery Pustarnakov sign the memorandum

The memorandum was signed by the CEO of Sberbank-Service LLC Alexey Yevtushenko and the CEO of Gazinformservice LLC Valery Pustarnakov. The agreement means recognition and mutual understanding of a solidarity of purpose, tasks and perspectives of cooperation in the field of use of the technical solutions aimed at providing high standards of information technologies, automation, digitalization, communication and information security.

Alexey Yevtushenko and Valery Pustarnakov
The signed document opens ample opportunities for our companies. We give to our partners an opportunity of use of our IT examination and experience in the bank industry, in turn, we receive similar professional examination in the field of the oil and gas industry. I calculate that jointly we will contribute significantly to the general process of digitalization of the country at high professional and qualitative level — the CEO of Sberbank-Service LLC Alexey Yevtushenko noted.

Joint projects with Lexmark

Sberservice and Lexmark begin with summer of 2019 implementation of the joint project on outsourcing of office printing for a public sector, regional and municipal customers. At the heart of the project the complex service including installation, setup and service of office printing equipment. At the same time Sberservice offers carrying out free IT audit of the printing equipment.

- Pokopiyny printing – one of the most dynamically developing segments of the market and we actively develop this direction with different vendors, - the director of the department of sales and business development Vladimir Frolov says. – Strategic partnership with Lexmark allows to make common offering for the market which is unique not only providing the high level of quality of service, but also decrease in financial load of clients. We are also ready to provide attractive conditions in the form of the redemption of the equipment of the customer and a payment deferral on the performed works up to 2 months. For us it is strategically important service within development of the company.

Service specialists Sberservice have necessary qualification for work with customers of a public sector and the confirmed experience with the large companies of the financial sector - on service of Sberservice is more than 200,000 printers and the MFP. In turn Lexmark takes sure positions in providing service of printing that is confirmed by independent researches of the companies as Gartner and IDC.

2018: Alexey Yevtushenko's appointment CEO of Sberservice

In October, 2018 Alexey Yevtushenko is appointed the CEO of Sberbank-Service LLC.


The general agreement with Technoserv on technical support services of IBM for Sberbank

On April 10, 2017 Sberbank-Service signed the general agreement with Technoserv company on technical support services of servers, storage systems and the system software of IBM.[1] by the General customer is Sberbank (in more detail).

Contract Sberbank Service with Sberbank for technical support of the equipment of IBM

On April 4, 2017 the tender committee of Sberbank approved purchase of technical support services of the equipment of IBM at Sberbank-Service company.[2] the Agreement will work till June 30, 2019, its cost will be $73.323 million.

Sberbank-Service will be engaged in maintenance of the equipment of IBM
Sberbank-Service will be engaged in maintenance of the equipment of IBM

Contract with Sberbank for technical support of computers and office equipment worth 5.66 billion rubles

On March 28 Sberbank-Service is approved by the only technical support provider of the automated jobs and office equipments of Central office and territorial banks of Sberbank. The relevant document is placed on the portal of state procurements.[3]

Sberbank-Service will be engaged in technical support of computers and office equipments of Sberbank
Sberbank-Service will be engaged in technical support of computers and office equipments of Sberbank

The limit of the general agreement makes 5.66 billion rubles. Services should be rendered until the end of 2018. At the same time, they will be monthly paid upon execution of works.

Change of the CEO

In January, 2017 the CEO Sberbank-Service became Merab Gogichaty before working as the Chief information officer of the Volga region bank of Sberbank.


In 2015 Sberbank-Service gained about 1.88 billion rubles. The net profit of the company was about 16.5 billion rubles.


Revenue Sberbank-Service in 2014, according to base " circuit.focus ", made about 811 million rubles, net profit - about 5.5 million rubles.


In 2013 Sberbank and IBM concluded the memorandum of strategic cooperation. The agreement provided direct deliveries of the equipment and the software of the American producer. Besides, in the same document it was told about intention to authorize Sberbank-Service company on delivering solutions of IBM. It was supposed that it considerably will increase efficiency of purchases and will allow to purchase Sberbank Service of the solution of IBM directly at logistic partners of vendor.


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