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Sberbank-Technologies (Belarus)


"Sberbank-Technologies", subsidiary company of Sberbank of Russia, large startup project on formation of development center of banking software in the Republic of Belarussiya.

Sberbank of the Russian Federation


The Belarusian office "Sberbank-Tekhnologii" was located near the center of Minsk to the address Boulevard Mulyavin, 6, said in documents of bank. In the same building there is a headquarters of BPS-Sberbank belonging to Sberbank of Russia.

Vadim Borisov having 20-year length of service in the field of IT headed new subsidiary of Sberbank in Belarus. Until recently it worked as the associate director on production in local company "Softklub — Development Center".

"Softklub - Development center" - subsidiary company of the Softklub group, the system integrator, largest in Belarussiya, in a segment of banks and financial institutions. She is engaged in development own technology and the application software.

Vadim Borisov headed Sberbank-Technologies in Belarus
Vadim Borisov headed Sberbank-Technologies in Belarus

Vadim Borisov not the most public IT manager in Belarus. With respect thereto the little is known of him. In 2011, for example, he was included into program committee of the local software forum SEF.BY. Organizers of the event characterized it as experienced developer and implementer of the software in different spheres from finance and medicine, before retail and construction.

The main specializations of Borisov – development and deployment of project management systems, business process reengineering, HR-management. During the career he took part in development and deployment of a quality management system of production in several large companies, in preparation for certification of ISO 9001:2000 and CMMI of the 4th level.

Unlike Vadim Borisov his previous employer – "Softklub" - is quite famous not only in Belarus, but also beyond its limits. For example, recently the company got to the rating of Software 500 in which the world's largest software developers are provided. This list is formed the Software Magazine magazine. Revenue of "Softklub" which allowed it to take the 447th place of rating in 2010 made $9.6 million.

Without having managed to be formed, "Sberbank-Technologies" already selects employees in Minsk. Now on HeadHunter there is information on four vacancies. Three of them are Java developers, the fourth – the information security administrator.

It is natural that the wage level, offered by Sberbank in Minsk, is much lower, than in Moscow. For example, if the Belarusian developer Java can apply for a salary to $1500 thousand (about 45 thousand Russian rubles), then Russian – already for 140 thousand rubles.