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The Sberbank-Tekhnologii joint-stock company (JSC SberTech, SBT) is the subsidiary company of Sberbank rendering to bank services in development and deployment of the software.

Her first CEO Denis Kalinin in 2012 explained need of creation of separate company which will undertake functions of development and deployment of software so[1]: "Being department in Sberbank, the command of development of IT submitted to all internal processes of bank. It is a single system of motivation, hiring, dismissal of personnel, etc. At the same time, for more effective work of IT specialists other rules and corporate culture are necessary absolutely".

SberTech - the project participant Skolkovo on category "research corporate center".

Performance Indicators

2018: Collapse of revenue and loss

In 2018 revenue of SberTech for the first time in the history of the company was reduced in relation to previous year and made 20.5 billion rubles. Falling happened for 32% or 10 billion rubles - the previous year revenue reached 30.3 billion rubles.

Decrease is connected with the fact that during 2018 most of employees (about 8 thousand from 11 thousand) and projects of SberTech was transferred directly to Sberbank (in more detail - see below).

Together with reduction of staff in SberTech also revenue was reduced
Together with reduction of staff in SberTech also revenue was reduced

Also for the first time in the history at the end of year SberTech became unprofitable. The company did not make serious profit earlier, working for the benefit of bank with the minimum marginality, but in 2018 went to minus for 339.9 million rubles.


2019: Escape of the employee from the investigation of criminal case

In October, 2019 the 26-year-old IT engineer Sberbank Technologies Aydar Gubaidulin  ran away from Russia from the investigation. He was accused  of attempt at use of violence to the police officer Artem Kilov (Part 3 of Article 30, Part 1 of Article 318 of UK) on an action for the admission of independent candidates for the Moscow City Duma on July 27. It up to five years of imprisonment.

According to the investigators, Gubaidulin threw into police officers who delayed protesters, a bottle with water which flew by near Kilov, but to anybody did not get. The programmer told that he threw already empty plastic bottle.

The programmer on interrogation told that he threw a bottle because he gave in to "emotional splash", having seen rough detention  of Boris Kantorovich and also use of force to his girl.


The new CEO of SberTech - Andrey Voynov

As found out TAdviser, in July, 2018 the CEO of SberTech Andrey Hlyzov left the post and retired. In any other structures of Sberbank it also does not work any more.

Hlyzov is 58 years old, he worked in Sberbank of 20 years, and before was a professional soldier, participated in recovery from the accident on the Chernobyl NPP. Its retirement before achievement of 60-year age is explained by it.

After Hlyzov's leaving by the interim CEO of SberTech there was Nikita Volkov, the senior vice president and the co-director of the Technologies block of Sberbank. And since August 1 Andrey Voynov - the experienced programmer, the ex-director of software development of "Petter Service" is appointed the permanent company executive.

The new CEO of SberTech Andrey Voynov (a photo -
The new CEO of SberTech Andrey Voynov (a photo -

Voynov became already the fourth head of SberTech from the moment of creation of the company in 2011 (except for the provisional director Volkov). It, according to a source of TAdviser familiar with a situation in bank, should rehabilitate the company in the opinion of retail business of Sberbank which remained it is dissatisfied with results of work of SberTech on the platform of support of business development (platform 18+).

IT heads of Sberbank explained to the logician of transfer of staff of SberTech to bank

In April, 2018 TAdviser published information on plans of Sberbank to transfer about 8000 of 11000 employees of SberTech to staff of bank (cm lower). At that moment in Sberbank did not begin to comment on data, but in May decided to answer questions of TAdviser. The senior vice presidents, co-directors of the Technologies block of Sberbank Nikita Volkov and David Rafalovski explained the reasons of this step and told about further perspectives of development of SberTech [1] (in more detail).

Huge SberTech ceased to please to Sberbank and "will lose weight" more than twice

In 2018 more than a half of 11000 employees of SberTech will pass into staff of Sberbank, told TAdviser three sources familiar with these plans. The child IT company of Sberbank can "lose weight" by 8000 people, one of interlocutors says. Thus, after reorganization in it there will be no more than 3000 employees.

The decision is already made and designed to eliminate communication barriers between programmers and bank specialists who should work in commands on Agile methodology, interlocutors of TAdviser say.

Besides, according to one of sources, the bank hopes to simplify development process administration - "it is not necessary to draw up works, to drive money, etc.". In a year the company keeps 600 projects and performs 17 thousand implementations, is told on its website.

SberTech after reorganization will focus on platform solutions - the single frontal system (SFS) and the platform of support of business development (PSBD), and Agile-commands of bank will "wind" on them business logic, explains one of sources.

But it will be more difficult to manage IT competences after their transfer to bank, one of interlocutors of TAdviser warns.

The initiative of merge of commands in bank could belong to David Rafalovski, the codirector of the Technologies block who passed into Sberbank from Citigroup at the beginning of 2018. The staff of SberTech is mainly going to be transferred just to this block.

Rafalovski's appointment matched leaving Sberbank of Bart Shlatman appointed the previous year the senior vice president for transformation of Sberbank, one of interlocutors of TAdviser notes.

The president of Sberbank German Gref expected the help in transformation of bank into the high-performance, effective, reliable and flexible company from Shlatman. But the structure of SberGile turned out opaque from the point of view of management and motivation, considers a source of TAdviser.

Sberbank refused comments, SberTech did not answer questions of TAdviser.

In 2017 similar restructuring was carried out by Alfa-Bank, having translated the staff of division Alpha laboratory which specialized in digital products, in business divisions of bank.

We do not want to continue to build new culture only within the selected division. We want to change and develop all bank. Therefore we integrate many commands, processes and the culture of Alpha laboratory into all business lines of bank, - said then in "Alfa-Bank


Revenue increased by 10 billion rubles

In 2017, according to TAdviser, revenue of SberTech made 30.3 billion rubles, having increased by 10 billion in relation to 2016.

Opening of office in Skolkovo

On October 20, 2017 the Sberbank-Technologies was announced opening of office in Skolkovo. Until the end of 2017 the company is going to remove in tenancy in the territory of the innovation center "Skolkovo" and to place there 200 employees. Read more here.

On the tender of SberTech 12 training centers faced. The price fell twice

On July 21, 2017 SberTech announced the tender at the choice of the supplier of educational services for the employees worth 104 million rubles[2].

Purchase was broken into five lots:

  • Educational services in the field of IBM (6.7 million rubles)
  • Educational services in the field of Oracle (32.2 million rubles)
  • Educational services in the field of design of software (35.6 million rubles)
  • Educational services in the field of administration and software development (24.6 million rubles)
  • Educational services in the field of project management and IT services (4.98 million rubles)

On IBM the products MQ WebSphere 129 employees, on DBMS and to other products of Oracle – 405 employees also should be trained.

Regarding design of software teachers should give lectures to 222 employees of SberTech on the subjects connected with system and the business analysis, architecture and software testing.

On administration and development 117 employees will be trained. Their main part will listen to lectures on subjects of the languages Java, C/C ++, C#,.Net, Python, Scala, etc. Several employees are required to be trained in administration of Linux and Unix and also questions of information security.

The most inexpensive lot includes training of 42 employees in project management and IT services and also the rate concerning the products Microsoft Office.

In August, 2017 SberTech defined winners:

  • Educational services in the field of IBM - Kudits company (the price fell from 6.7 to 6.24 million rubles)
  • Educational services in the field of Oracle - RDTECH training center (the price fell from 32.2 to 23.47 million rubles)
  • Educational services in the field of design of software - Luxoft training center (the price fell from 35.6 to 9.5 million rubles)
  • Educational services in the field of administration and software development - Academy of information systems (the price fell from 24.6 to 7.44 million rubles)
  • Educational services in the field of project management and IT services - the educational and consulting center "Interfeys" (the price fell from 4.98 to 1.475 million rubles).

Winners were competed by training centers"IT", "Microtest", "Softline", "Swagger", Network academy"Cheek", MSTU of N.E. Bauman and training center "Specialist".

Total amount which SberTech will pay for training services decreased more than twice rather initial - to 48 million rubles.

Services should be rendered for 16 months.

The new CEO of SberTech - Andrey Hlyzov

On June 9, 2017 Sberbank announced Andrey Hlyzov's appointment to a position of the senior vice president of Sberbank – the CEO of SberTech company. In this position it replaced Alice Melnikova working in the company since 2013. In more detail about appointment - in Andrey Hlyzov's profile on the TAdviser portal.

2016: Plan of hiring of 1000 new employees

In April, 2016 SberTech published request for proposals[3] portal from the organizations to select the contractor for rendering services in search and selection of candidates for substitution of vacant positions. The choice will be made among the suppliers accredited according to the results of qualification selections which SberTech made in December, 2013 and in December, 2015.

SberTech is going to sum up the request for proposals results at the beginning of May, 2016. The agreement with the contractor is calculated for a period of up to the end of December, 2016, follows from the tender documentation. In terms of reference to request for proposals it is specified that SberTech is ready to open 975 vacancies in total: these are analysts, developers, architects, designers, heads of development, strategists on technologies, line managers, specialists in different types of testing, administrators of projects, automation specialists, support production personnel, technical writers, etc.

Most of all new specialists it is provided for development departments of analytical solutions and system services, development of the frontal systems and electronic channels of service and also development department of the core banking system - 250, 260 and 140 people respectively. In addition to the specified divisions replenishment is also provided in departments of automation business of processes, technologies of financial markets and risk management, department of quality, project management and some other divisions.

SberTech continues to increase the state high rates
SberTech continues to increase the state high rates

SberTech told TAdviser that the company steadily grew all the time of the existence approximately on 500 people a quarter in 16 cities of Russia in connection with constantly growing number and complexity of projects of Sberbank.

This dynamics remains and now, especially taking into account opening of strategic programs of bank for creation of a single frontal system and the new platform of business development, the CEO of SberTech Alice Melnikova noted in a conversation with TAdviser. - Rates of hiring of personnel should be reduced in process of approach of resource opportunities of the company to requirements of customers for volume and speed of development, but so far hiring goes quite intensively.

Earlier, in February, Alice Melnikova said that in 2016 it is essential to expand staff of SberTech is not planned. She noted that by the end of the year the state can grow not much more because while all labor resources are already completely engaged in plans of the company – to accelerate an output to the market of new products.

The source close to SberTech told TAdviser that in February Alice Melnikova announced information which is available at that time. He explained that project process at the company with Sberbank is arranged in such a way that at the beginning of a year there is an annual big balancing of a project portfolio. Under a portfolio the corresponding limit of financing is selected, and under financing – the needs for hiring are put. Including the procurement procedure under potential hiring is carried out, but the limit is not a guarantee of the open project, the interlocutor of TAdviser noted.

2015: Growth of revenue by 1.5 time, the state - on 1700 people

In February, 2016 SberTech summed up the results of the activity for last year and shared plans for the current year. According to TAdviser, revenue of the company in 2015 grew from 10.3 billion rubles to 15.2 billion rubles. Last year the number of projects and implementations which were performed by SberTech increased. According to the CEO of SberTech Alice Melnikova, the company has 532 projects on implementation against 450 now in 2014. The number of implementations in a month grew from 650 to 740 in 2015.

The project is meant as the solution of a task which was set by Sberbank, attracting upgrade of an IT landscape, Melnikova explained. It can last approximately from three months to one year sometimes and more if the large volume of changes is required. In turn, implementation in SberTech call, for example, updating and installation of upgraded version of software in the industrial environment.

In 2015 SberTech completed a number of large projects:"Centralization 2.0", implementation of paperless middle office on the Pega PRPC platform (in a system 40 thousand users work), creation of a personnel management system based on the SAP solution, creation of a prototype of the BigData platform,program implementation of reliability augmentation of IT systems.

In 2014 the number of staff of SberTech was about 4800 people, and in 2015 was going to employ more than 1000 new specialists. According to the CEO of SberTech, at the end of year in the company 6515 people work. The most part of specialists who were employed by SberTech in 2015 made developer Java, Melnikova told TAdviser: "Almost all our projects require in a varying degree such specialists. With other specialists we have no problems".

In 2016 it is essential to increase the staff SberTech does not plan, Melnikova added. According to her, by the end of the year the state can grow not much more because while all labor resources are already completely engaged in plans of the company – to accelerate an output to the market of new products.

Plans of SberTech for 2016 include reduction of terms of an output of new products: that development, necessary for an output, took days, but not months, Alice Melnikova explains. Other plans – increase in production efficiency, ensuring operational reliability.

Through decrease in dependence on IT solutions of large world vendors, in addition to testing of PostgreSQL DBMS[[PostgreSQL|]] about which told TAdviser in Sberbank earlier SberTech also began testing of technologies with the open code of the Russian-American company GridGain which shares Sberbank acquired recently.

2014: Growth of revenue to 10 billion rubles

Revenue of SberTech increased from 7 billion rubles in 2013 to 10.3 billion at the end of 2014. The number of employees for the end of 2014 exceeded 4800 people (4413 – in Russia and 400 – at the Minsk office).

Among the most important and large projects of the left 2014 in the company call implementation of the CRM system of Oracle Siebel CRM. Also in June, 2015 program termination on centralization of the core banking system of bank is expected: as a result all bank divisions will work at the uniform core banking system of own development based on the tools received under the agreement with Center of Financial Technologies (CFT) company.

In 2014 the share of SberTech in project solutions of Sberbank grew: at the end of 2014 it made 63%, in 2013 — about 60%. As of June 25, 2015 70% are the share of "Sberbank-Technologies"[4].

At the same time, according to Lev Hasis, the vice chairman of the board of Sberbank, it is about project tasks: here payment of support of licenses on the products which are earlier purchased at the international vendors does not enter. Sberbank is not going to refuse external developers, but at the same time reviews the strategy of use of contractors according to which there will be less external developers, and the relations with them will be under construction on the basis of long-term agreements.

In 2014 own department of Banking Information technologies based on MIPT is open (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology)

2013: Growth of revenue by 57%

Revenue of SberTech in 2013 made 7 billion rubles against 4.438 billion rubles the previous year. Thus, in a year this indicator increased by 57.78%. At the same time the number of staff of staff of SberTech grew by 31.74%: from 2391 persons in 2012 to 3150 in 2013.

In 2013 in work SberTech had nearly 400 projects whereas in 2012 - about 250. It caused growth of number and revenue. It is interesting that growth of revenue and staff of SberTech happened against the background of reduction of IT costs of Sberbank. So, for the first 9 months 2013. The IT budget of the largest Bank of Russia made only 29.1 billion rubles against 31.2 billion rubles during the same period of previous year (data for all 2013 did not reveal yet)[5].


The conflict with integrators because of Hunting of personnel

For April, 2012 in Sberbank-Tekhnologii company more than 800 people work already, its[6] reported to CNews[6].

The company was registered in November, 2011 for the purpose of maintaining IT projects in Sberbank. Then 400 employees from bank development department of IT systems were transferred to it. Thus, for last several months the number of staff of the company grew twice.

"We do not plan growth on number, and we go from the client's request (Sberbank, - a comment of CNews)", - Kalinin says. Nevertheless, in 2012 SberTech, according to him, only in Moscow can increase staff to 1500 people: "On it it will be possible to say that we will take away all free personnel market in the capital".

"Warm the market further and create deficit we do not want therefore we actively develop in regions", - it continues.

Today SberTech already opened regional offices in Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Ryazan and Minsk. The IT specialists who were already working in Sberbank were transferred to them.

"In our next plans - to open offices in Krasnoyarsk, Rostov on Don, the Samara, Nizhny Novgorod and still some cities where in Sberbank ready competences are already created", - the CEO says Sberbank Technologies.

"Also we involve talented specialists from the market, - he adds. - We give to people good salaries, we set interesting challenges, we provide a long-term outlook. Sometimes it causes discontent of market participants".

Denis Kalinin knows about several facts of attempts of heads of the IT companies to configure the employees against SberTech thus to hold them.

"We have no task - to kill someone, - he says, addressing market participants. - We do not compete with any of integrators or developers. But in some IT companies there are commands working only for Sberbank. And these commands are interesting to us. We are ready to agree and buy them, or to attract them with other methods".

Working conditions in Sberbank Technologies are incomparably stabler in comparison with the companies working at public market, Kalinin considers: "Today the system integrator has a customer, and tomorrow it can not be. Our strategy is registered for several years ahead, and our client from us will not get to anywhere. Therefore we is sure we grow and we commensurate growth with a customer behavior".

The main requirement of SberTech for the personnel are project managers: "In Sberbank the huge number of systems therefore hundreds of such specialists are required for us at the same time is implemented".

Besides, the company is going to increase developer function and for this purpose, according to Kalinin, programmers Java, SAP (ABAP), Si and others are necessary.

"Here one of examples of situations against which we come up: SAP consultants come to bank, implement a system and leave. At the same time the transmission system of knowledge and technologies is not created, - the CEO of SberTech explains. - Therefore we are forced to be hedged and employ the SAP specialists to undertake functions of further maintenance of the implemented systems".

"Besides, often contractors are not in time behind our rates of development. They are not able to work with such big customers as Sberbank, - it continues.

Mass workforce recruiting

"In 2012 we should be created as the company and to pass completely to the commercial relations with business blocks of bank, - Denis Kalinin says. - We are estimated as the contractor – on the performed work".

At the end of 2012 SberTech should show profit, and Sberbank - to record savings from creation of separate company, he adds. Number of staff in 2012 as it is planned, will grow by 50%, thus, having reached 1200 people.

"The salaries of employees if exceed average market, then no more than for 15%", - Kalinin considers.

Tasks to bring together all specialists in Moscow, according to the CEO, are not necessary: "We create competence centers in Minsk, in St. Petersburg, in Ryazan, in Novosibirsk".

"For example, in Minsk there are two universities which train people on SAP and IBM WebSphere. In some cities of Russia Sberbank already has commands. At the same time earlier they worked only for the territorial bank, and now in structure Sberbank Technologies will be able to work for all Sberbank.

Development plans

"On some projects in which development of IT systems is provided contractors will work with SberTech, - Denis Kalinin promised in March, 2012[1]. - We will do some things".

"Most of contractors would refuse those projects which we want to do independently, - he considers. - These are completions of the implemented products and their maintenance. Do not pay for it much". Profitability of SberTech which Kalinin expects "will be not high - less than 10%".

The share of expenses of Sberbank sent to "Sberbank-Technologies", most likely, will increase, the CEO hopes. But, at the same time, and the total costs of bank of informatization will grow therefore the income of contractors from emergence of SberTech considerably will not suffer, he calculates.

At the same time, according to Kalinin, SberTech is not an exclusive supplier of Sberbank: "We participate in tenders on new projects on an equal basis with others. For example, now moved on tender on implementation of voice authentication in alliance with several integrators".

"The contractor is selected by the customer. He can come to us, and can announce competition. The bank takes a strict position according to which all have the equal rights", - the head of SberTech says.

"Originally integrators were endured, - he is recognized. - But now all understand that Sberbank big, and all will have enough work in it".

2011: Creation of the company

The fact that Sberbank creates home outsourcing IT company became known in May, 2011. It the senior vice president of bank Orlovsky Victor said in an interview of CNews. "We consider that it is not obligatory for bank to own, for example, computers in workplaces and other similar assets at all, - he explained. - We want to transfer all this at first to internal "outsourcing", and then, perhaps and to create separate company which would provide IT services to bank".

Пост CEO Сбербанк Технологии занимает <!--LINK 0:96-->
Пост CEO Сбербанк Технологии занимает Denis Kalinin

"In plans - removal from the state of all resource aimed at the development by IT i.e. project managers, analysts and programmers, - he said. - Creation of this company is directed to support of all changes in IT".

Emergence "Sberbank-Technologies" is also caused by a large number of at the same time started IT projects. "Now we keep more than 200 strategic projects at the same time – CRM, data warehouse, ERP, Internet bank and many others, - Orlovsky listed. - They demand big human resources therefore we also create separate company at our size. In it the special system of motivation focused on project activity will be constructed".

Orlovsky did not exclude that the new company will provide IT services to third parties. "For example, the client bank or Internet bank should be optional tied to specific bank: it can be attached to the consumer of service, - the top manager argues. - Now the client of several banks uses several Internet banks. It is quite possible that we should give this environment not to bank, and the client. Then he will be able to manage the numerous accounts in different banks. Public cloud of this sort can develop in our bank".

"We think of rendering services of infrastructure character. For example, some time in DPCs there will be free areas because we build the data center with a stock. Possibly, we will be able to provide infrastructure in outsourcing is one of the possible directions of our activity too".

At the beginning of July, 2011 it became known that Kalinin Denis Vyacheslavovich headed the company.

In 2011 the company rented office in business center \"Danilovsky Fort\"
In 2011 the company rented office in business center "Danilovsky Fort"

In October, 2011 "Sberbank of Technology" signed the long-term agreement of lease in business center "Danilovsky Fort" located on Novodanilovskaya Embankment in Moscow it is told in the report of realtor company Praedium ONCOR International[7].

Began to function "Sberbank-Technologies" since November 1, 2011, the interlocutor of CNews in its management says.

In the reporting for the 3rd quarter 2011 Sberbank for the first time officially disclosed information on Sberbank-Tekhnologii company. Its primary activity - software development, it is told in the document. The company for 100% belongs to Sberbank.

Four managers who joined the board "Sberbank-Technologies" are shareholders of Sberbank, affirms as its report. This is Victor Orlovsky, Alexey Katrich and Andrey Hlyzov who are engaged in informatization and also Denis Bugrov.

Denis Kalinin noted that the company considers both organic, and not organic growth. He said that SberTech has plans of acquisition of the small companies in regions – developers and analysts: "Commands with a ready-made product can be interesting to us. At the same time it is important to note that we buy not cash flows which are generated by the company, namely collective".

Besides, according to Kalinin, "Sberbank-Technologies" conduct negotiations and with integrators about purchases of the developed commands from them.


  • Department of business process automation
  • Department of quality
  • Department of project management
  • Development department and automation of internal processes
  • Management of security
  • Management of internal control
  • Management of development of the Production block
  • Management of technology processes
  • Competence center of research and development of models

Development department of the Automated banking systems

This division is key for the "Development of the Distributed Banking Systems" direction. The main activities of Development department of the core banking system are support and development of the largest automated systems of Sberbank:

  • The EXPERT on work with corporate clients - Single Corporate System (AS of "EKS")
  • The EXPERT on work with the credits of individuals - Uniform Loan Portfolio (AS of "EKP")
  • The EXPERT, providing customer service of retail network

Within the new strategic IT Program of Sberbank "Creation of the platform of support of business development" which purpose is development of the innovation bank platform the department executes one of the key supporting and backbone functions, being a peculiar blood system based on which production communications on projects of SberTech company are built.

Thanks to in the new in-memory data grid platform of technologies it is going to reach unique indicators in reliability and performance of information systems of Sberbank which will open to business of bank the new horizons of growth

Department of technologies of financial markets and risk management

This division is key for the "Systems of Calculation of Control and Risk Management in Banking Sector" direction. The purpose of division - risk management in the field of Corporate and Investment Banking for implementation of IT strategy of group of Sberbank. Main objectives:

  • Creation and development of the functional, productive, scalable systems
  • Reliability assurance and availability of systems
  • Ensuring quick start of new products
  • Development of the international business
  • Implementation of modern and innovative technological solutions and products
  • Simplification and harmonization of an IT landscape

Development department of analytical solutions and system services

This division is key for the "Analysis of Data Bulks" direction. Sberbank already implemented a number of successful pilot projects in the field of work with big data using internal data sources (a transaction profile of the client, the analysis of logs of systems and the automated processing of customer appeals).

Big Data technologies are that the direction which will give a new impulse of development to banking sector in which the need for tools and skills of work with huge volumes of internal and external data of different structure was created.

Development department of the frontal systems and electronic channels of service

This division is key for the "Development of the Distributed Banking Systems" direction. The division provides development of all channels of customer service and also develops the accompanying services necessary for them: Internet bank (for physical persons and legal entities), self-service devices, ATMs, processing of bank cards, the websites and portals, jobs of the employees working in departments, mobile jobs on tablets, etc. The key call for department is implementation of the strategic program of Sberbank for creation of a Single frontal system (AS of "EFS").

SberTech in regions

Offices of SberTech are opened in 13 cities of Russia and in Minsk. About 70% of employees are in Moscow. But the Moscow market, Alice Melnikova says, "has limited capacity, besides in Moscow resources are much more expensive therefore it is profitable to us to develop regional offices". The main regions outside Moscow in whom SberTech develops it is St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Ryazan, Rostov-on-Don and also Minsk. "In addition the big initiative in own development is shown by Omsk, there was a good command, and there is good labor market (universities, graduates)", - note in the company.

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