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Sberbank Private Banking is division of the Corporate and Investment Business block of Sberbank which is engaged in personal service of wealthy people with assets from 100 million rubles. The division provides to clients access to all products and services of Group Sberbank and also to partners in Russia and abroad.

2019: Sberbank Private Banking provided new approach to investment profiling

Sberbank Private Banking in June, 2019 provided at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum the new approach to investment profiling developed together with BhFS company (Behavioural Finance Solutions) at the Russian market it is presented by Neurofinance Technologies company).

Investment profiling — an important stage in management of private equity. It is a starting point for determination of the purposes, the horizon of investments and tendency to a customer risk. On the basis of profiling the individual offer of an investment portfolio forms.

Approach is focused on studying of a customer behavior at assessment of his tendency to risk. It allows to define an investment profile more precisely. Profiling can be interactive and pass online. Specially developed program will allow to create scenarios within which features of a financial customer behavior will be clear.

The risk profiling is an important part when structuring the capital and will pass on a personal meeting of the client with the personal banker.

On the next stage to the program of investment profiling adding of the interactive program allowing to simulate different investment scenarios and influence of the individual choice on income from an investment portfolio is planned.