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Sberbank insurance



Sberbank - 100%


SK Sberbank strakhovaniye LLC is founded in 2014. The only participant of the company and the owner of 100% of shares in his authorized capital is Sberbank. The company provides a broad spectrum of insurance services in a segment of property and personal insurance, except life insurance, to private and corporate clients. The separate company of Sberbank - "Sberbank life insurance" specializes in life insurance.

"Sberbank insurance" works within the Wealth management block created in Sberbank as the separate direction in September, 2013. Block is engaged in development of insurance and pension products, asset management and supervises business of five subsidiary companies: "Sberbank life insurance", "Sberbank Insurance", "Sberbank Asset management", NPF Sberbank and "Insurance broker of Sberbank". At the end of 2018 assets under control of business of the Wealth management block grew by 35% to 1.2 trillion rubles.



Possibility of a registration and prolongation of a mortgage insurance in mobile application "Sberbank Online"

On November 8, 2019 Sberbank announced availability of a design and prolongation of agreements of mortgage insurance of Sberbank Insurance and Sberbank Life Insurance companies in mobile application "Sberbank Online". Read more here.

Insurance of DoDo Pizza upon cyberrisks

On July 11, 2019 SK "Sberbank Insurance" reported that it insured from cyberrisks information systems and resources of DoDo Pizza company, including the software, corporate e-mail, the Website, "cloud" service and databases. Read more here.

2012: Renaming into SK "Sberbank Insurance"

In September, 2012 by Alyans Layf Insurance Company LLC it was renamed into SK Sberbank strakhovaniye LLC and announced start of sales. It is possible to purchase the life insurance products expected a long-term outlook since November, 2012 in more than 700 Sberbank branches in the Sberbank of Premieres format, at more than 150 specialized offices "The First Sberbank" and at office "Sberbank Private Banking".