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Sberkarta of closed joint stock company




On October 28, 2010 at the central office of Sberbank of Russia the briefing of the senior vice president of bank Victor Orlovsky devoted to closing of Sberkarta Ltd took place. A basic reason of closing of a system were called low technologies on which this project was based.

The decision on liquidation of the Sberkarta company founded by bank together with other companies shareholders was accepted on August 20, 2010. This step was caused by unprofitability of this company. As V. Orlovsky explained, the Sberbank of Russia was almost only issuer and an ekvayer of cards: other participating banks of a system for all the time of existence of Sberkarta Ltd, i.e. since 2005, produced only about 3 thousand Sberkart whereas issue of the Sberbank of Russia made several million such cards.

The weak activity of the logging-in emitting banks did not allow Sberkarta company to gain income from service of interbank transactions according to cards of a system. By calculations of the senior vice president of Sberbank of Russia, monthly income of joint-stock company was only several tens of thousands of rubles a month and did not allow to pay back overheads.

At the same time V. Orlovsky emphasized that joint-stock company was unprofitable, Sberkart by Sberbank of Russia brought the project on issue and acquiring and brings to bank stable income.

By V. Orlovsky's estimates, Sberkarta Ltd will stop the existence until the end of 2010. Assessment of a corporate property is at the moment complete and the procedure of its sale is approved. According to V. Orlovsky, a part of assets of the liquidated firm will redeem JSC Universalnaya elektronnaya karta: the neogenic company will purchase the Sberkarta and ORPS brands and the equipment for service of Sberkarta that will allow to continue service of holders of the cards of a system emitted by different banks.

The destiny Sberkart, emitted by Sberbank, is defined too: issue of these cards is suspended, there is a planned replacement Sberkart on the PRO100 cards or electronic cards of international payment systems (at the request of the client). At the moment on hands clients had about 1.5 million Sberkart.

Since September 1, 2011 issue Sberkart was stopped, and since August 20, 2012 service of the Sberkart cards in infrastructure of Sberbank of Russia is completely stopped.