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Earlier - I-Teco New engineering technologies, Novintekh

Servionika - 79%
Sberbank - 21%
150 employees in 2017


Sbklaud LLC - Servionicas joint venture (enters into I-Teco Group) and Sberbank. As of the beginning of 2019 Servionika possesses 79% in authorized capital Sbklaud, Sberbank through the legal person Digital assets owns 21% of the company.

As the legal person the company was formed in 2012, then it carried the name of AiTeco New Engineering Technologies (Novintekh LLC) LLC and was positioned as the Russian company, specializes in development and deployment cloud services and solutions for management IT infrastructure, business applications and data. The company was created on the basis of development department of cloud services and products Servionika"AiTeco(Group) in connection with business expansion.



Start of the program for partners of White Label in the capital and regions

The Sbklaud company announced on April 23, 2019 official start of the program for partners of the White Label level allowing to create clouds, services and marketplaces on the Sbklaud platform and to provide them to customers under own brand. The companies in all regions of Russia, with own data centers and the developed IT infrastructure will be able to become such partners.

One of main objectives of the affiliate program — to promote development of cloud business in regions of Russia. Sbklaud is going to attract as partners of the White Label level of integrators and service operators, suppliers of IT solutions and services of DPC, for participation in the program there are no restrictions on the minimum turnover. The interface of the platform is standardized that interaction with it was convenient for users, and adaptation to requirements of brands of partners of the White label level — simple and fast.

Work with Sbklaud is conducted through a uniform control panel: in it the partner can maintain a register of users and accounting of the resources consumed by them and also to build in the logo and to select design. Besides, in Sbklaud segments with a certain set of the preset settings on popular platforms are implemented: VMware, OpenStack and others.

The affiliate program Sbklaud opens to the domestic companies a full range of opportunities for a fast entry into the new markets. Our partners will be able not just to earn together with Sbklaud, but also to develop the business, proposing customers the innovative solutions and services which often do not have analogs in the Russian IT market, – the chairman of the board of directors Sbklaud Evgeny Shchepilov emphasized.

The Sbklaud company is also interested in technology partnership on development of IT products and services for the Russian business and a public sector.

Thus, the Sbklaud platform integrates all market participants: developers of cloud services, integrators and customers. This approach to creation of a partner ecosystem lies in line with current trends of IT market, facilitates to customers search and the choice of the necessary service and allows to receive a full range of IT services with uniform point of entry — noted in Sbklaud.

Restart of the platform, opening of the affiliate program

In March, 2019 Sbklaud announced large-scale restart of a cloud platform and opening of the affiliate program. In fact, it "cloud franchizing" with opportunities for partners, first of all - regional. They will be able to develop the cloud business on the White label model - under own brand, using already ready Sbklaud platform.

We consider the most perspective this model as it gives more opportunities to the partner, and we conduct negotiations with the large IT companies in regions and industry associations now. Such projects should help with the solution of an important infrastructure task - overcoming "digital inequality" as one of obstacles of growth of digital economy in Russia, - note in the company.

2018: Plans for creation of the platform of cloud services jointly with Sberbank

In April, 2018 Sberbank and I-Teco signed the agreement on creation of a joint cloud platform of SberCloud. It was supposed that the company will provide cloud solutions for Sberbank and its partners and also for external clients. It was planned that participation of Sberbank in joint venture will make 60%. But as a result Sberbank decided to develop business independently based on other company, though saved a 21% share in Sbklaud. Read more here.


In terms of technological solutions, the Sbklaud platform is a multicloud in which customers can unroll IT infrastructure of different complexity, create hybrid clouds and also use own cloud services and developed Sbklaud, her partners and vendors.

In development of the platform we are guided by enterprise priorities - customers: simplicity of management, fast scalability, a broad spectrum of services, easy integration with resources of customers, an opportunity to quickly redistribute computing powers in the conditions of peak loads, reliability of the platform and DPC guaranteed by provider and quality of support. The same priorities are important also for partners, - say in the company.

Sbklaud within several projects provides services in the field of virtualization, design, development and deployment of cloud services, support of IT infrastructures, providing computing powers and the server hardware in lease. The company also develops and implements solutions in the field of Internet of Things, machine learning and Big Data.

The service portfolio of the company is under construction on the XaaS model ("all as service"): each customer can receive any set of necessary services in the form of complex service, without binding to the specific platform or vendor, within a uniform ecosystem – a marketplace.

Sbklaud provides:

For large business and a public sector

  • IaaS and PaaS-solutions (projects are already implemented in Russian Railway, Russian Post, DIT of Moscow, ROSTEC Group and other large companies and state structures)
  • Unique import-independent solutions based on the RUSTEK own platform (FSTEC is certified)
  • Competences on implementation and development of proprietary IaaS-solutions based on VMware, Microsoft and other foreign vendors
  • Consulting and integration services

For medium and small business

  • Business applications and the programs available from a cloud of provider are SaaS services: own developments and the best solutions of the Russian partner companies. partners.



The asset cost of the company in 2017 was estimated at 910,200,000 million rubles, it consisted of the cost of intellectual property on a number of developments in the field of the software for a corporate segment and a public sector. As of December 1, 2017 in the company 150 people worked.