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School 21


"School 21" is an educational initiative of Sberbank of world-class training of specialists in the field of programming.




"School 21" is the educational initiative of Sberbank based on a technique of the "school of the future" used at the French school of programming "Ecole 42" since 2013. School 21 trains world-class specialists in information technology field (IT) on unique educational methodology: without teachers, without lectures, without estimates. The peer-to-peer method ("equal equal"), or collective training is the cornerstone of a technique. Training in school 21 is free.

2019: The beginning of work in Kazan

The educational project of Sberbank School 21 which trains world-class programmers begins the work in the territory of the city of Kazan. The campus of School 21 will be located in the historic center of the capital of Tatarstan, reported on September 2, 2019 in Sberbank.

In general School 21 is the educational initiative giving the chance to get free education in the field of programming. School 21 works 24/7 — without diagrams and the schedule, teachers, lectures and estimates, students define the educational diagram. Receipt in School 21 does not depend on the previous knowledge, experience, ability to program and existence of the diploma.

Candidate screen consists of three stages: an online game, a video interview and four-week "pool" — selection intensiv on programming which takes place directly in educational clusters. According to the results of selection which will take place in two flows an opportunity of free training to information technologies by the innovation technique will be had by more than 250 participants. Also the hostel will be provided to participants. In total for 2020 School 21 is going to accept not less than 500 participants.

In the fall we will begin selections on winter "pools" in the building of School 21 on Spartakovskaya Street. Emergence here of Schools 21 branch with the hostel will allow to receive a demanded profession not only to residents of Kazan.

"School 21" works on the French franchize "Associations 42". Average age of students of School 21 — 25 years, more than a quarter from them — the girl. The only restriction at enrollment of students in School 21 — age is more senior than 18 years. Training in School 21 lasts from 1.5 to 3.5 years, in educational institution there are no teachers, lectures are not given and marks are not put down.

Students of School 21 have an opportunity to freely be translated and continue training in the program in campuses in 12 countries of the world. In turn, School 21, as of September 2, already accepted several foreign students from foreign campuses of Association 42. Also in School 21 more than 30 foreign citizens who underwent competitive selection in Moscow study.


7 thousand requests for training for the first week

For the first week after the declaration Sberbank of order taking for training at School 21 7 thousand requests from all regions of Russia from persons interested to study arrived already. Tender on training made 14 people into place, for the first flow is going to open to 500 places.

We were sure, that the response will be rather wide, despite an unusual format of training. Our youth grew in the conditions of availability and ubiquity of information technologies, the ability to work with them is very demanded in labor market. And the format of a game is usual and is associated with what is pleasant to be done. Therefore it is not surprising that responses are already calculated by thousands though there passed only a week from the date of the declaration of start of School 21 of Sberbank — Natalya Zhuravleva, the head of department of development and career of the HR block of Sberbank noted.

Educational process at school is based on individual and group work on IT projects during which training happens by the principle "equal — equal". Training is divided into 21 levels — it is impossible to take place on following, passing necessary stages of previous. List of the directions: algorithms, graphics, Unix, Web, mobile development, security, network technologies.

Results of work will be processed by automatic system of check and other pupils. For results of work and objectivity of check of others tasks the points creating the rating of the student will be charged or be written off. In addition, for control of knowledge four-hour examinations and final examination lasting 8 hours at which passing it is impossible to use the Internet are provided and to communicate with other students.

Start of School 21 on training of programmers

Sberbank announced on May 24, 2018 start of School 21 — an educational initiative of world-class training of specialists in the field of programming. Training at school is free and lasts from 1.5 to 4 years. The school works 24/7 only in offline format (presence of students is necessary).

Training at School 21 is conducted by the French technique which in playful way allows each pupil to build the individual, adaptive trajectory of training. Such approach allows to hold high intrinsic motivation of pupils throughout the entire period of training and also learns to acquire new knowledge in a situation of high uncertainty and the overloaded information field, explained in Sberbank.

Educational process at school is based on individual and group work on IT projects during which training happens by the principle "equal — equal". At School 21 there are no teachers, lectures, estimates and other usual attributes of the academic education. According to a technique, representatives of school do not control activity of pupils, but by means of the IT platform check quality of final works and completeness of their accomplishment in the set terms. For receipt in school it is not required to show results of the USE, the main condition — motivation to self-development and desire to become the world-class specialist. According to representatives of Sberbank, by means of this technique the school will be able even to train from zero level specialists of the top skills — architects of technological solutions, including in the field of artificial intelligence.

Anyone aged from 18 up to 30 years, successfully last selection tender will be able to become the student of school.

It is planned that School 21 will annually accept and let out up to 1000 new specialists in the field of programming.

The school is created on the basis of the signed agreement between Sberbank and Association 42. The parties agreed about cooperation in quality improvement of education in the IT sphere and granting to bank the rights to license content and the software, methodical and training materials and also necessary technical support from outside "42".

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