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Scientific research institute of Eye diseases of Helmholtz


Federal State Budgetary Institution MNII GB im. Gelmgolza of the Russian Ministry of Health – the ophthalmologic research center, oldest in Russia, which in many respects defined formation and development of domestic ophthalmology.

Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation (Ministry of Health)



MNII GB of Helmholtz is head on an ophthalmology problem in a health care system. The latest medical developments, experience of the organization and rendering the ophthalmologic help in the most difficult situations allow to return sight even in the cases which are earlier leading to a blindness.

The institute is base of the Center of medicine of accidents Protection.

Performance Indicators

As of February, 2016 at institute over 200,000 people in out-patient conditions are annually inspected, 8450 patients undergo treatment in a hospital.

At institute about 15,000 transactions a year are made.


For February, 2016 the director of Institute - Neroyev Vladimir Vladimirovich.


The institute works (February, 2016):

  • 39 doctors of science
  • 88 candidates of science
  • 17 professors
  • 5 Honored workers of science of the Russian Federation
  • 11 Honored doctors of the Russian Federation


Activity of Institute was highly appreciated by World Health Organization: in 1980 based on Institute the cooperating WHO Center for prevention of a blindness, the only center such in Central and Eastern Europe was created. At the initiative of the Center Russia actively joined in the International partnership according to the Sight of 2020 program. In 2003 the Russian national committee on prevention of a blindness which was headed by the director of MNII of eye diseases of Helmholtz professor V.V. Neroyev is organized.

For big merits in development of domestic health care in 1986 awarded the order to Institute the Labour Red Banner.

In 2006 for achievements in the field of science and technology of medicine the institute is conferred a rank of the Winner of the International award "Profession — Life".

Works of staff of institute in different years are mentioned by the state award of the USSR, an award of Council of Ministers of the USSR, an award of the academician M.I. Averbakh, an award of the academician V.P. Filatov, the state award of the Government of the Russian Federation, numerous diplomas and medals of VDNH, gold, silver medals and diplomas of the Bruxelles exhibition.