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Scooter (Smart retail)



"Scooter" — delivery service of food and essential goods on the house in 15–30 minutes. For May, 2020 at service of 168 points in two Russian capitals, the range of goods exceeds 2500 units. Daily Scooter executes about 40,000 orders, for the last month the average bill grew by 30%. Delivery in service for clients free.


2020: Purchase of control by Sberbank and Group

The joint venture of Sberbank and Group in the field of transport and technologies in the field of distribution of food acquired a controlling stake in service of the express product delivery and goods for the house Scooter. On May 21, 2020 Sberbank reported about it to TAdviser.

Sberbank and Group purchased control in service of the express goods delivery Scooter

The share of joint venture in service after purchase of a share of financial investors of the project and receiving necessary approvals from corporate and regulating authorities, including FAS, makes 75.6%. Founders and management of service reserved minority stakes and remained co-owners of the company.

"Scooter" will be integrated into ecosystems of Sberbank and Group. The project team will be able to use technology and operational practices of the companies and also will get access to examination of other businesses of the joint platform. So, some integration are already implemented — users from Moscow, Moscow area and St. Petersburg can order the product delivery and household goods through Scooter in the Delivery Club application.

From the moment of foundation in 2018 the business model of Scooter showed the high efficiency. For May, 2020 Scooter processes already more than 40 thousand orders daily, delivering them to buyers on average in 15−20 minutes and taking good positions in the market of the express product delivery of a power supply. In the period of a pandemic and need for millions of people to be in self-isolation and on a quarantine the number of clients of Scooter strongly grew up — and the company tries to justify their confidence, maintaining high quality of service, despite rapidly growing demand,
told Lev Hasis, the First Deputy Chairman of the board of Sberbank

"Scooter" grew at high rates — for 30% monthly — even before introduction of the mode of self-isolation in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Purchase completely corresponds to our strategy — to help people to close all requirements connected with food. "Scooter" became service of prime necessity — and the command does everything that people could order and receive quickly the necessary goods without leaving the house. At the same time we are sure that the habit to order products with fast home delivery will remain with us and after removal of all restrictions,
noted Boris Dobrodeyev, the CEO of Group