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SearchInform Integration


Information technologies
Since 2013
Volga Federal District of the Russian Federation
Republic of Tatarstan, Verkhneuslonsky district, Universitetskaya St., 7, office 702


SearchInform Integration LLC specializes in development of systems of information security.

2019: Opening of the cybersecurity direction of outsourcing

The SearchInform Integration company announced on June 10, 2019 start of service of autsorsingainformatsionny security. It will be demanded in the companies in which the problem of corporate fraud and information leaks is relevant, but there is no staff of cybersecurity specialists or resources on one-time equipment procurement and software for protection against internal and external threats, noted in the company.

30px|«|link= In a third of the Russian companies there are no selected employees responsible for information security. In these companies both personal data, and corporate secrets are not protected from leaks at all. As a rule, it is about small and medium business to which the expensive personnel and the professional software are unavailable. But that it is more important, it is difficult to owners to estimate expediency of expenditure for implementation of serious protective tools. Outsourcing shows an objective picture of safety of business and allows to receive high quality protection for available money" — the founder "SearchInform Integration" Lev Matveev told. 30px|»|link=

Depending on requirements and the value of customer company the service will be provided in three formats. The first assumes that the outsourcer completely provides the customer with the equipment, the licenses DLP for necessary number of workstations and services in technical operation and maintenance of software.

Within this packet services will be rendered by means of remote access to the customer's equipment with the obligatory conclusion of NDA. Data from an information system of the customer will not be transferred to an information system of the contractor, work will take place in virtual environment. The cybersecurity specialist on the party of the outsourcer will provide reports on in advance stipulated diagram, and at emergence of emergency situations, will contact the customer immediately. The customer in turn has full access to a system and can unload data for independent investigations. If necessary he can be trained on work with DLP.

In two other options it is supposed that the customer has the necessary equipment and pays only maintenance services of software or a maintenance service + directly itself with software.

According to representatives of "SearchInform of Integration", the companies already express interest in service.