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Segmento is the Russian company rendering promotion and marketing services in the Internet.



Since August, 2013 the company works with use of RuTarget RTB technology. Using segmentation of target audience the company wages banner advertizing campaigns for the agencies and direct customers. Segmento proposes the separate solution for increase in consumer conversion to online stores.

Platform of management of advertizing

One of key advantages of Segmento for August, 2013 is own automated platform of management of media advertizing which provides the most exact targeting for involvement of target audience. The technology is created by the St. Petersburg developers RuTarget specializing in developments of RTB solutions.

Segmento implements the difficult strategy of media placement allowing to address exact segments of audience on the Internet. In the platform targeting on the basis of data on behavior of visitors on the websites, steady interests, the history of search queries of each user, social and demographic characteristics, a context of the visited pages and many others is possible. Segmento allows to deliver the personalized advertizing appeals and to those who at least once visited the advertiser's website.

Structure of the company

The Segmento company represents a team of the professionals, years which are working hard at the internet marketing market. Partners from RuTarget where the leading programmers and technical directors from the companies LG, Yandex and the known international company on software development enter are responsible for technologies JetBrains. Earlier participants of RuTarget created successful trading technologies for financial markets.

"We are evangelists of advertizing of new generation — much more effective and exact. RuTarget technologies allow the advertiser to meet the client, and the user receives not importunate advertizing, but important and information, useful to it, - the co-founder of Segmento Roman Nester comments. - We intend to develop the market and technology, without stopping halfway. Someone makes the decision on leaving from the market of media advertizing as one of our competitors of Tinkoff Digital, we learned on their errors and came for a long time and seriously".


Since 2006 founders of Segmento worked with algorithms of artificial intelligence in different areas, including created robots predictors for trade in financial markets.

2019: The agreement with OFD Platform on development of targeted advertizing using fiscal data

The advertizing Segmento platform and the IT company, the fiscal data operator OFD Platform agreed about development of targeted advertizing using the aggregated depersonalized these cash vouchers. On October 21, 2019 reported about it in Segmento. Read more here.

2015: Sberbank purchased a controlling stake in Rutarget LLC

In March, 2015 it became known that Sberbank acquired a controlling stake of the advertizing Segmento platform (Rutarget LLC). It was reported that Sberbank and Segmento are going to make together break in the market of advertizing and Big Data. It is stated that the company will offer the advertizing product which does not have analogs not only on Russian but also in international market.

For March, 2015 Segmento processes huge amount of data about actions of users on the Internet. By means of algorithms based on artificial intelligence the platform predicts behavior of users and sverkhtochno targets demonstrations banner, video and mobile advertizing. The international brands (Intel, Hyundai, S7 Airlines, PayPal), advertizing agencies and online retailers use services of Segmento.

It was reported that strategic development, in customer service and a product the team of founders in invariable structure will continue to be engaged: Evgeny Legky, Roman Nester, Kirill Safonov. Maxim Yanukovych from a duty of the CEO will be released by Igor Hmel (the managing director of directorate of development of digital business of Sberbank).

Evgeny Legky, founder of Segmento: "We from the very beginning understood that it is necessary to develop own technology. Full control over the platform allows to offer unique campaigns for the most exacting clients. But in such complex market as advertizing, just good work is not enough, it is necessary to grow constantly over itself. Partnership with Sberbank will bring the company to absolutely new level"
Roman Nester, co-founder of Segmento: "Resources of Sberbank and Segmento technology will be able to give to our clients really unique advertizing products which were unavailable before in targeted media advertizing. It is especially pleasant to us to understand that even in the USA and Europe there are units of transactions of such level, and what we managed to achieve, really moves all Russian advertizing market forward".

2014: Requests for patents

In 2014 two applications for patents on prediction of consumer behavior of users were submitted to networks.


For August, 2013 among clients of Segmento - the Video International agencies, RealWeb, Artics Internet Solutions and also direct clients – Tikkurila concern, Trikolor company, Tehnosila online stores,, "220 volts" and many others.

2011: Start of development of the advertizing platform

In 2011 work on own advertizing platform began. Within the next several years the company attracted two rounds of investments (angelic and a round A) from private investors.